Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Warning Signs

It's been 4 days since i started to get sick. Yep! Yep! The doctor is sick. Sob! Poor little me, says my pathetic self. Been on duty without a voice, been examining patients with some bouts of cough and oh with some minutes spared to blow my nose. Where did my flu vaccine go? When will the single-dose-banana-flavored-but-tastes-like-hell antibiotic take effect? Took it upon the appearance of my early symptoms of running nose and it's been three hell days yet i dont feel better! Dimmit!

I feel embarassed examining my patients when i am sick myself. How can i effectively treat them when i cant even treat my own self? This comes from the other side of me. The arrogant one. You see when i am this sick, i have this poor control over my different personalities. They would just manifest without a warning.

In short, to shorten the duration of my symptoms, have to take another set of antibiotics. Sheesh! I forgot im working in a hospital. The one i previously took has poor coverage on hospital acquired bugs. Definitely i would go for the single dosing ones. The stubborn side of me has very poor compliance to medications.

This sickness, this apathy, multi-personality and self-pity talks are enough to tell me that i needed rest. I am no superwoman or machine who never gets sick or bugged down. My barely 5-ft frame couldnt keep up with the load that it's carrying maybe. Those 24-hour toxic duties that are almost sleepless. What about those "stressors" in the hospital administration? And they wanted us to compute for our oxygen consumption? Gimme a break! Not to forget a number of colleagues who think only of themselves and are stressors too. Heck! Im just earning as much as you are! How about those patients who have nothing but sickness to the point that i have to worry and look for their own medications or blood? Some ingrates would even act as if i owe them something. Since im a government employee? Great! Are there still a lot of you out there?

Enough! Ive had enough! My body tells me to slow down...have a break...have a kitkat. Sheesh! Now i can hear my corny side talking! Ive got nothing nice to post really. It's just that im sick and im too excited for my ever looooooooooooonged FORCE LEAVE! Wahaha can you hear that? A FORCE LEAVE. We are FORCED to leave. When will this be? Two duties away...just two duties away and ill finally rest in peace.

Oooops dont give meaning to my last line. That's morbid me talking.


snglguy said...

Go go go somewhere, and have that looooong well-deserved rest. I hope it wasn;t me who infected you, hehe. Anyways, get well, Angel... :-)

AngelMD said...

haha if bacteria and viruses that infect humans can be transmitted through blogs then maybe ure the culprit...nways, thnx sngl.

Rhea Joy Tabujara said...

ma, enjoy your leave! i hope na la ka na cough kag sipon when you're back sa duty...Get well soon! ay! pasalubong ko gle...JOKE!

AngelMD said...

hehe thnx gid...am back...still have this allergy though! grrrr!

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