Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Resident Boarder

It's labor day and definitely, it's a holiday. I was never out of the hospital though until a little before 5pm when my whole family fetched me from work. They came from an out of town trip to my father's place. I was just informed that they're going out of town just this morning when my mom texted me if i wanted to be fetched from the hospital before lunch. I was preoccupied with work though. Had no choice but to decline and to tell her that i cant make it with them.

Eversince i started training, this has been the set up at home. I was like a boarder who comes in and out of the house. Be out every three days for a 24-hour duty, be home wasted as from duty and the only time i'm conversant is when i'm in an on call status. Good thing my family understands the kind of life that i chose. At least my mom would be kind enough to ask me no longer if ill be coming to a family affair. It's given. I'm always at the hospital and i cant make it. My family on the other hand were made to think that i still am away from home just like when i was in medical school.

Sheesh i sound sooooo pathetic! Must be my PMS again. This post's crappy too. I just didnt have enough sleep. Alright i slept the whole afternoon and just woke up actually but it's different if you have had an uninterrupted goodnight sleep in your bed. The only time i was awake this afternoon was when i received text messages. Which reminds me, havent replied yet even to just one.

Well, here are some pics that i took when our department went out of town for the weekend to make up for this crap. After three long years in the department, we were out of the hospital. All of us! I realized that this kind of weather that we have has its benefits too. If not for this hell-like weather, our boss might not have decided to leave the city.Tee-hee!


snglguy said...

Oi! At least you work and live close to a beach. While I have to travel for hours to get to the nearest one here...

Great pics btw... :-)

AngelMD said...

haha it took us 3 long hours (without the traffic) before reaching this place...twas worth the trip anyway.

about the pics? thnx...product of autism eh...=)