Sunday, May 07, 2006

There's No Place Like Home

I'm back! Back from a 4-day off from work. Yet, as soon as i landed in Bacolod, i was back to the hospital for duty. Ewwww!!! No matter what however, it's still nice to be back home.

Well, Manila's still the same humid and crowded place i never long to be. The oath taking however requires me to be there. So as to make good use of the time that i was there, i tired my feet from walking and malling and meeting friend! Tee hee! In the end, I was left literally drained - my energy and wallet to be exact. My 4-day trip to Manila however was all worth it despite of all the "hardships" i've experienced. Quite an experience for someone like me who stays in the hospital seems all my life.

Day 1:
Left early for Manila in a from duty status. Sleepy, tired, excited, a mix of signs and symptoms i couldnt explain, to be exact. Took the 1st trip off to Manila and i spent most of the time sleeping. Well, forgot to feast my eyes on one my favorites sites...the white, cottony, fluffy clouds! Sleep was all that i wanted during this time. "Head-banging" is what i wanted to do! The only time i was awake was when the stewardess handed me my breakfast which i literally didnt eat at all.

I was with my senior resident and upon landing in Manila, we were fetched by our sponsoring drug company to be brought to our hotel. The hotel where we stayed was quite far from our conference site, and was even unknown to almost all drivers i met in Manila. Anyhow, it was nice alright. It provided me just enough comfort everytime i go back from a tiring trip around the metropolis. The bed's headboard was our most favorite area in the hotel because it was where we rested our tired legs! Well, not to mention the very first night we spent there. I was made to stand and wait for two hours before the oathtaking. It was not just me actually, but all of us...the candidates for associate fellow. We were thinking that maybe, it was one way of the college to initiate us! Good thing i was wearing a comfortable pair of heels. Tsk tsk i still could imagine how the others looked...stilletos anyone?hehe

The only meal i took after our lunch at Shakey's was a Starbucks coffee froccino. The same grande size froccino i gobbled up during the board exam that left me awake for 24-hours! My tiredness from going on duty the previous day and the trip however left the coffee powerless. Most of the time while attending the oathtaking ceremony, i was asleep! My narcolepsy attacked me again and together with my seatmates, sleep conquered us. After a 3-hour ceremony, all the awardings and the like, the anticipated part of the program came...the closing remarks! The only problem i had however was the place for us to eat and of course the trip back to our hotel. I was just blessed however to be seated with new found friends from Cebu. Aside from driving us back to our hotel, we were also invited to dinner! Whew!

Seeing our bed a little before midnight was a great relief! After all the standing, walking, traffic, and everything, our 1st day in Manila ended inside the comforters. I wanted to regain the lost sleep i had from our duty the previous day.

Day 2:
Have to get up early from bed so as to be able to attend the 1st lecture. Haha I just couldnt imagine how observant we were of the time and on how diligent we were in attending the lectures. Well, only in the 1st day of the convention to be more exact. This day's one of the most memorable. Why? For it was during this time that I ate fish! I mean, dishes made from big fishes! I dont eat big marlin, salmon, to name a few...they're not in my diet list. I have this certain fear of eating big could be the smell or the idea that they might have eaten human beings too...hehe

We were treated for lunch by a drug company at Fish and Co. I really had no choice but to eat fish! The name was obvious enough that they serve no other dishes than seafoods! Anyhow, the dish i had was quite good. The spices and sauce it had masked the smell i abhor.

After lunch, an MRT ride to PGH consumed everything that i've eaten. My seniors have to take application forms for fellowship. I really couldnt imagine how humid manila was. It seemed as if i was inside an oven ready to be baked! Imagine how crowded the MRT carts were. Good thing, the carts they've provided for women and the elderlies were not that crowded. This, we took advantage of. What a relief it was to be able to ride these carts. We felt secure at least in the jungle we were in. Also, it was the only place in Manila that was cold enough to comfort us.

The night was then spent with two of my friends. A movie and a free dinner concluded the day. Was quite an experience to be with old friends again. We never ran out of stories to tell. If not for their busy schedules, we could have met again the following nights i was there.

Day 3:
This day was spent attending lectures and visiting the exhibits. I really couldnt imagine myself carrying a very big bag, big enough for me to fit inside, finding myself in the crowd of people inside the mrt. Most of the day was again spent walking...walking and shopping where? In megamall! Holy cow! Of all places, my tired feet went around megamall! I could feel my veins yelling at me!

The comfort of our bed welcomed me early in the afternoon. We rested for some time for i had another dinner date with another 2 friends in manila. Tsk tsk i didnt know that even in my trip in Manila i would be toxic enough to schedule meetings among my friends! While waiting for my friends, we were comforted by eating one of my fave ice cream. Woohoot! I miss fresh strawberries! Later in the night, we had our dinner at Greenbelt 3 and i didnt realize how crowded it was until i saw the waiting lines of costumers outside the restaurants. The "triplets" reunion was one of the memorable times i had (till next year tin and tom!). We never ran out of stories to tell and if only the night was longer, we could have chatted all night.

Day 4
People have been warning me that Divisoria is famous for its snatchers and pickpocketers. Little did they know that it is more notorious for its hold-uppers. I could never imagine how i was held-up in this place. For the last day of my short vacation in Manila, i was left with only the maintaining balance in my atm account! I was so amazed at how my 500 bucks could extend a very long way. I was able to buy 2 pairs of pants and blouse for 500 bucks! After a half-day of shopping, it was too late when i realized that one 500 out of my wallet was followed by another and another and another.tee hee Oh, not only that. I never felt so full after we ate at the foodcourt. Your mere 60 bucks was already good for two viands and a rice! Funny how extremes could coexist in a place like Manila. The other night, i was in Greenbelt. In place where i was really on guard of my wallet - afraid to spend on something that might cost more than half of my pocketmoney. The next day, i was in Divisoria. In a place where i also guarded my wallet from snatchers yet the Chinese businessmen there were wiser.hehe
After the time spent with my aunt who luckily accompanied us to Divisoria, we went back straight to the hotel and took some rest. I was once again reunited with my cellphone which was literally full of messages and missed calls. By the way, i was warned not to bring anything so my cellphone stayed in the hotel. Good for him, he had a time to rest!
Dinner time was spent with another friend. Quite full still after a great lunch, burger king was the place to hang out. I missed its refillable apple juice and oh, the junior whopper! After some talks and updates, i was back in our hotel after travelling all alone in a taxi. Felt quite secure in Makati area though. If i were staying in Manila, i wouldnt dare travel all alone.hehe
For my last night in the hotel, i just have to rest. I did i have a time off from the hospital but it was never a rest. By the time i returned to Bacolod, i was back on duty.

Whew! Got tired in my Manila trip and got so tired posting this blog too! Twas really nice to meet old and new friends again though. Anyhow, there really is no place like home! When I'm in Bacolod, no matter how toxic i am when i am from duty, i still could say that i could get a very good night rest.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Que Sera Sera

Just got done packing my things up. Well, quite used to packing my clothes every 3 days for a 24-hour duty, everything's done in a matter of an hour. Hehe I just hope i left nothing of importance.

One more duty left before i leave for Manila. In a matter of four days, i'll be taking a break from hospital work to attend an annual convention. It's not literally a break anyway. Seriously, i'd rather remain in the confines of the hospital than be in Manila. I need some rebreather though. As if i'll be breathing fresh air in Manila.hehe Well, to be in a different place, to be away from the sick and the dying is quite comforting. To sleep in the comfort of our hotel room, to meet new and old faces is quite rewarding. To wake up each day thinking that i will not be reporting to the hospital is a relief!

Aside from the convention itself, i plan to meet up with friends. I just dont know how to juggle my time and be able to fit my itinerary with their busy schedules. If only i could meet them all up in just one day at the same place. I really just have to grab the opportunity for i might be able to see them again the next year. Tsk tsk imagine even in my trip to Manila i still am toxic? Uggggh when will toxicity ever leave me?

Alright! My mind tells me to be a grace under pressure. Quite used to a toxic life, this toxic scheduling is a piece of cake! If they're my real friends, they'll have time to meet me anyway...hehe (hey peeps! read this?) Nah! Que sera, sera...whatever will be, will be. To meet or not to meet...i came for the oath taking anyway.=P

Monday, May 01, 2006

Life's Simple Essence

It's a holiday today yet holiday's no excuse for not reporting to the hospital. We're always reminded by our chairman that our patients dont choose when to die. In short, we are very much needed at the hospital...especially on a holiday. Today's scheduled for a family day out of town. A neice's going to celebrate her 1st birthday party. In short, after dropping me off at the hospital, my whole family including our househelp went off to a city 2 hours away from Bacolod. Awww poor me.(geez! i sound so pathetic!)

So as to avoid the so-called "Home Alone Syndrome," i deliberately didnt go home early. We're supposed to be working on a half-day. Ironic but it's just today that my legs arent too excited to leave the hospital. I'm too timid to go on window shopping and quite disinterested to watch the new flick in town. A co-resident and i instead ended up at our conference room, having lunch with the duties. Good thing, while on my way to the hospital, i saw a McDo billboard advertising it's delivery. As simple as 433-McDo, i munched on my go-large cheeseburger meal after a few minutes.(burp! excuse me...)

Time was quite running slow though that my junior and i decided to finally go window shopping. Sad to say, flea markets and store sales culminated just yesterday. Also, most stores were close and we couldnt find a good bargain either. Guess where we ended up at last? At our favorite parlor to have our hair done! I had a hair spa and a little trimming. After my hair was blow-dried, how i wish not to take a bath for weeks so as to maintain my current crowning glory.

Sad to say, it was raining cats and dogs outside the parlor. Noone to fetch me and too afraid to get soaked in the rain, I have to take a taxi back home. Yep! Finally, I decided to go home. Maybe my family would be back by this time. Still, I was quite soaked in the rain as i reached our gate and i was disappointed to see how limp my hair got. Uh-oh! Only to find out too that I was home alone still - disappointment number 2. My mom texted me that the party's not over yet. Who welcomed me home? The new member of the family, our pup Rockley. Heard him crying upstairs at my mom's garden. Poor pup, he was tied by our helper in a shade yet he gets a little wet by the rain.

Quite soaked already and with my newly blowered hair already damaged, i decided to literally shower in the rain as i move the puppy to a shade. After being soaked though, my disappointments disappeared. Instead, i had a sudden feeling of freedom!

Ahhh life. I missed this! It's been more than a decade since i literally showered in the rain! I was back to a 6-year old girl, enjoying every droplet of water that touches me. I was carefree...quite insane if other people have seen me. As i get fully soaked, i felt totally free. Freed from responsibilities, freed from pain, freed from worries. How i wish i was back to a young, restless, carefree 6-year old. I was quite contented though for reliving that experience even for a few minutes.

Life's quite complicated alright! We usually wander and search for what could satisfy us, what could occupy our time, what could make us happy. We sometimes even spend for some pleasures and comforts. Yet this afternoon, i rediscovered something. A new way to unwind - a few minutes of getting soaked in the rain! Relaxing...unloading...refreshing...for FREE .