Tuesday, December 30, 2008

With Open Arms

Another year's about to end and with it is the closing of another chapter in my career. I'm done with residency training! Woohoo! After four long years...ummm, a few months in addition, I'm done with training - NOT! Huwaaat?hehehe I'm just comforting myself people. I'm just done with residency training. As I close this chapter, I'm bound to another chapter of my career. Tadaaan! God-willing, that would be another two years of subspecialty training! Ugh!

So maybe you guys are counting now. After two years of nursery, six years of grade school, four years of high school, four years of college, four years of medical school, one year of internship and four years of residency, now another two years of subspecialty, you might ask,"When will I earn the bucks?" or "When will I stop asking bucks from my parents?" or "When will family life come in here?" or "When will I stop training?" etcetera etcetera. This, my friends, is the gist of the life of a doctor minus the toxicity and drama of every 24-hr sleep-deprived duties.

Why am I counting all these years? Counting all these years is like counting all my blessings! I didn't mean to sound melodramatic here but who would have thought that my parents could support me all these times? Imagine a newly-wed couple who even borrowed money from their parents after their wedding for a jeepney fare? That's how my parents started their family life. Yet, they were able to send all four of us to school! Who else deserves the gratitude first but them.

Next in line would be my teachers, mentors, consultants. I will not be able to earn this degree, treat the sick or touch a life without them. More than anyone else, they deserve the honor for selflessly devoting their time and knowledge in molding young doctors like me.

My alma maters would come in next. The public grade school I came from and the Greeney University where I got my secondary to Medical education. I will never forget the virtues of faith, hope and love that it inculcated in my being. These are the weapons that I brought along as I journeyed on in life.

Friends who have been with me all the way. I don't make enemies but I only have a few friends...very close ones. People who knew the autistic side of me and believed that I could do great things despite of being figuratively, petite.

My understanding family. We just had our family reunion on my maternal side this afternoon and I met all the people who have been supportive to me if not financially, emotionally. My siblings who were there to cheer me up when toxicity overpowers me.

Fellow bloggers who followed this blog and read all my trash. You just don't know how refreshing it is to unload my burden here especially when I was still in training. Reading your comments make me in a way in touch with the cyberworld. It lightens my spirit and helped me going.

Angels who disguised in other people's form just so to help me in my life's journey. Include my patients who were also my mentors. Of course to never forget some difficult and unreasonable patient's folks. They taught me lessons on patience and tolerance. I couldn't remember a time in my 30 years of existence that I really felt so down. There would always be someone who will help make life a bit kinder to me. Yep! Even in the midst of difficult and unreasonable patient's folks.hehe

Who would forget the Great Architect who holds His office Upstairs? That Big Guy Upstairs who pampered me all throughout my existence. Who made life beautiful for me. If I worry over things like my upcoming exam or my subspecialty training it's because I'm thinking that I might not be able to do those difficult things well knowing how pampered I am. He has been making ways for me all the time and I can't even understand what's with me that He makes me feel so loved. Oh well, since I mentioned His love for me, this would be enough to throw all those worries away. Face the next year and next chapter of my life with open arms. Bring them on!

Happy New Year Everyone! Hope this New Year would remind us how truly blessed and loved we are.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Super Thankful

Last year, I posted my 49 Things. Well, they are 49 things before I die...err I mean get married. In other words, I'll only get married once I'll be able to fulfill all of these.hehe I guess the year 2008 and the rest of my 30 years of existence were really great. I might not have the time to make a "Thank you" entry before the year ends, and since I felt the great comfort from the Big Guy upstairs during the mass this afternoon, it's but timely to be thankful right now. There's really something with the wind that makes me feel His presence. Well, this deserves another entry.

Anyway, as a review of my 49 things, here they are again. Just in case someone with a good heart reading this would grant me one request. A free trip maybe?hehe By the way, I realized that there are some entries here that changed in time. You know, change of priorities and plans, etcetera. I think it would be wiser if I modify them.hehe This is my list anyway. Who begs to disagree?hehe

Note: The green ones were fulfilled this year...the rest of the highlighted entries were already done.=) I couldn't thank Him more!=)

1. Go bungee jumping - still hoping! There's a zipline at Tagaytay I've heard. This could substitute.hehe
2. Go Skydiving - I'm not sure if there's one in Pampanga. I hope in 2009 this will be highlighted.hehe
3. Train in Neurology - hmmmm, change of plans...it's RHEUMATOLOGY. It's a subspec still.
4. Train in US - PGH is the wiser choice as of this time...blame the economy.hehe
5. Buy an Ipod
6. Get to Mindanao

7. Tour around Asia - can I count 1 trip as "around Asia" already? At least I started the ball rolling this year.hehe

8. Own a house by the sea - a "kubo" will suffice so long as it's by the sea.
9. Go to Disneyland - free tickets anyone?hehe
10. Publish a book - would having a blog be considered? (same question as last year's)
11. Compose a song - very far-fetched! I plan to put a new entry here! Think! Think!
12. Sponsor a scholar
13. Serve the Missionaries of Charity - already visited the place one time but the nuns were not around. At least I had an attempt.hehe
14. Go to Calcutta, India - after the bombing at Mumbai recently, I'm having a change of mind.hehe
15. Learn to drive - already have my student permit. wink* wink*
16. Own a car - house? car? which comes first? Hmmm, I'll think about this once I'm done with subspecialization.hehe
17. Go to Batanes - not during stormy season.
18. Go out on a real date - with my morphine alright...noone else.hehe
19. Do stargazing under the bora skies with someone special - hmmm, hopefully 2 years from now, this will be in highlight.
20. Travel with someone special - hehehe morphine and I's next plan...Amazing Race Asia! Of course I'm kidding! I was sleeping all the time during that 6-hour trip what more in longer ones.
21. Send my parents to a vacation - i mean a grand vacation. I have to win the lotto.
22. Help send a sibling to school
23. Own a Canon SLR camera - once there's a handy and light-weight one.hehe
24. Go parasailing
25. Be in two places at the same time
26. Write my autobiography - can a resume be counted as one?hehe
27. Learn to swim
28. Learn to ride a bike
29. Go scuba diving
30. Make a compilation of my pictures of sunsets
31. Travel out of the country with my family - will travel with mom be considered "family?"
32. Eat baskets of strawberries with salt
33. Do someone a favor everyday
34. Learn another dialect
35. Learn another language - french, spanish, italian, im still thinking
36. Meet the pope - i was at first referring to John Paul II - now we have a new pope!
37. Go to Rome
38. Ride a helicopter
39. Live on my own - INDEPENDENCE!!! (sooooooooooon!)
40. Travel to new places on my own
41.Have a rooftop garden complete with landscaping - overlooking the sea...with a very nice sunset view? isn't it lovely?hehe
42. Buy my parents their golden wedding rings - bought them silver rings during their 25th year i hope i could buy them their rings on their 50th...=)
43. Go white water rafting
44. Put up a foundation - my memorial foundation?=)
45. Surprise someone
46. Touch a life - i believe im doing this
47. Write my last will
48. Fall deeply in love - hmmm took the risk - finally...hehe My head still rules my heart though.
49. Commit without fear - still struggling on this one but morphine tells me I'm doing good.hehe

Hmmm, with the rate I'm running, the long-term plans I have here (see entry #42) and some far-fetched entries (see entry #11), I guess I'm really bound to get married at 49. Well, this is really what the list is for - to keep me from getting married.hehehe I mean, to think things over before I take the plunge. Unless of course I'll once again change them or I'll break my condition.hehe

Friday, December 26, 2008

What's With "W"?

I'm having a break from Harrison's. This is in response to Garando's letter "W".hehe Just by the title alone, I already have 3 W's. Does this mean that I only need to post 7 things/names that start with W?hehe

1. Washington's Manual of Medical Therapeutics - another textbook that helped me through residency training
2. Webster's dictionary - i could remember it well that we were asked to bring this to school when i was in grade school. Pocket dictionaries were not allowed. Boy was it so heavy! (of course I omitted Merriam just so i could come up with a W...hehe)
3. Whoah! - one of my fave expressions
4. Whatever yaya ! - watch Bubble gang and you'll find out why this too is another fave of mine. Match this with upward rolling of eyeballs and a "W" hand sign.hehehe
5. Winston - my morphine's older brother.haha (nandamay ng iba.)
6. Westlife - one of the boy bands I liked as influenced by my baby sister.hehe
7. www. - can i count this as 3 entries?hehehe made life less boring for me.hehe
8. ward - one thing that I'm missing right now. Ironic but i miss the toxicity of residency.hahaha
9. Wilson - the brand of my tennis racket that's 16 years old already and is still functional.hehehe
10. WAIS - this is what Garando is. He didn't give me an X or a Z but he gave me a W.hahaha Peace, manong!

Now back to our regular programming...=)

obviously, I love to show my reliable and dependable pairs in this blog. They deserve to be given credits here. I couldn't make rounds in the wards without them.hehe

Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Peaceful Christmas to Everyone!

For the holidays, all I wish for is Peace. Peace of mind and peace of heart. I guess by the number of blogs (a.k.a. trash) that I've posted just for this month, you can tell that I do need some peace. Peace from what? Aaaargh! It's the specialty board exam! And it's exactly a month from now! Pressure! Pressure!

Anyway, hope you'll find peace in these pictures. Took them on my flight to Bangkok early this year. Been wanting to take pictures of clouds while in a flight but I only have my camera phone with me all the time. Yep! A law abiding citizen that I am, I didn't attempt to turn my phone on even if it has a flight mode (which unfortunately is not allowed too...why the heck is this function added to our phones by the way?). Equipped with a digicam on my trip, I savored the moment of taking these cloudscapes. (Subtext: Picture me drooling over those cloud formations.)


My favorite. I'm using this as my wallpaper for Taffy and my fone.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

When Will the Holidays Be Over?

I was on my way to the hospital this afternoon and I didn't know that our city's got already a bumper to bumper traffic as early as 2 o'clock! Goodness gracious! When will the holidays end? A once 10-minute drive to the hospital now became almost 30 minutes!

As if the bumper to bumper traffic was not enough, there's a bumper to bumper traffic too at the mall! Walking through the alleys of the supermarket area at SM was like lining up for the counter. Was about to turbo broil a chicken for dinner but to my dismay, buying one dressed chicken and some veggies would take me more time than buying an already roasted chicken. Almost all of the counters there were open yet the carts and baskets were piling up. The express counter was not even standing to its name.

Took a breather in one of the bookstores there. Was about to buy gifts for friends and colleagues. I don't know why there were only a few people inside of it. Maybe it's with the name. It has Christian in it. No pun intended. I mean when people hear the word Christian or any religiosity to that matter, they become uncomfortable. It's Christmas but it's ironic that people missed what the name really is for. So there are only a few people buying books for gifts...I mean Christian books or stuffs? Maybe? Well, it's their choice. I just frequent this bookstore for gifts since even if I could buy cheap stuffs there, I find them valuable in essence. Oh, not to mention, there's no queue at the counter and there were only a few people there. Was tired though and my legs were killing me so I bought just one book before I decided to go home.

Met up with my youngest sister and we've decided that a roasted chicken is a better option than buying a dressed one. Actually, we just didn't have the energy left for cooking. As for the gifts I'm about to buy to friends and colleagues? Will be buying them as soon as the Holidays' over. Aaaargh! This is autism-overdrive at its purest!

What's With the G?

So I'm joining the meme thing in blogosphere. Got this from Sheng and she gave me the letter G! I have to give her 10 names or things that starts with G....okay now, I'm thinking....

1. G - my middle initial (hehehe as if i'm really maintaining my hidden identity here.)
2. G - my department chairman's family name
3. God - i can always rely upon
4. good girl - this is what i always am especially when i'm asking something from the previous entry.
5. geriatric - most of my patients are
6. Garando - my highschool big brother.hahahaha sorry manong couldnt think of anything more
7. Garandee - Garando's wife...haha...now that makes 2 entries already...leaving me with only 3 more
8. good time - this is what i always do when i get bored being an autistic...mang good time ng ibang tao. wicked me!hehehe
9. Gabriel - the name i would like to have for my son...he's my guardian angel too based on the day i was born.
10. Grems (for Gremlin) - my nickname in our peer group. The rest are Manang (for manananggal), Bampi (Bampira), Were (Werewolf), and Miswa (Aswang)...weird name for a weird group I guess.hehe

Monday, December 22, 2008

Saved By the Piggy

Why can't other people just do their work efficiently? I mean, if you were tasked to compute the employees' payroll and their taxes included, why can't you just do it correctly? I dont know if this has happened to other companies too but our accountant in the hospital failed to deduct our withholding taxes for the months of July and August because of adjustments chu-chu with the dependents of the taxpayers. Well, I really am not very knowledgeable when it comes to this. Been telling my sister (who happens to be an accountant) that I'll surely be needing her in the future to manage my finances (as if I really have a lot to count...I'm just being optimistic). Just so to make the long story short, the supposed to be withholding tax for July and August were deducted in my December's salary. Woohoo! Just when I'll be needing the bucks. Hey! It's Christmas! I'm not Uncle Scrooge so my loved ones and friends expect me to be giving them something.

There were rumors that came out that we will be receiving nothing for December. Great! How big will that salary deduction be for the withholding tax? My whole month of pay? Fortunately, got hold of my pay slip. The rumor was all wrong. Well, this is how rumors would run in a hospital I guess. At least I can withdraw some bucks from my ATM. To my surprise though, my withholding tax amounted to 8,+++ bucks! Well, part of it. Another 3,+++ bucks were deducted from my hazard pay. In other words, I paid around 11,+++ bucks for my taxes!

I'm a good citizen! I'm paying my taxes! Congratulations self! Oh, I also would like to share this award to our very efficient accounting department. I made a budget for the month and this included the gifts i have to buy for my inaanaks. Just when I made a budget, I became short of it! Good thing my piggy bank came in handy. Been planning to open it up for Christmas for the past years. Well, my god children will at least receive a little something from me...a piggy bank maybe?

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Graduate's Farewell

After four years, I'll finally be leaving this crap hospital I've been whining about in this blog. It doesnt mean though that this site will be inactive too after my graduation. This site's been witness to all my disappointments and frustrations at work - that's why i call this as my emotional trash bin. Well, it accepted some of my pms fits and autistic moods too...without complaining. So the saga continues even after tomorrow.

Since i was asked by my juniors to prepare a speech...grrrr I hate speeches and I just dont feel comfortable talking in front (autistic mode: currently active), let me post the draft of my speech here. Well, i'll be typing it anyway so for convenience, i might as well post it here and print it later for my reference tomorrow. This is also one way of thanking not just the people around me but also those who had the patience and tolerance to read all my trash here.

I'm not good at saying goodbyes but let me grab this opportunity not to say my farewell, rather to thank the people who have supported me in this journey. As i move on in pursuit of further training and knowledge, it's but proper to recognize the "wind beneath my wings." I will never reach this height (i'm talking in metaphor here) if not for them.

My parents...for all the support and understanding. They never complained that their eldest daughter, after sending her to college then to medical school, had an extended adolescence. I was still dependent on their financial support even after I became a licensed professional...a professional bum in other words...for i was still asking for an allowance from them in my first few months at work. Now that i'll be undergoing further training, I'll be once again a bum to the highest level. I know that I can always rely on them for more support though. I couldnt thank them more for the love and understanding. They knew the problems and concerns that I'll be facing when i decided to enter this government hospital. They never stopped me though from pursuing my plans. My parents understand that despite my whinings and toxicity at work, I could find fulfillment in serving our less fortunate patients in this venue. Why cant they? Charity begins at home and my folks showed me how it is done while I was growing up.

My mentors...for sharing their time and knowledge without counting the costs. They're a bunch of fun-loving, service oriented, and knowledge-thirsty people. Consultants who are experts in their fields who spent their precious time with us, their residents, without pay. They could have spent an hour or two in their clinics and earn more bucks yet they chose to teach and train young minds like us. They could have spent more time with their families and kids yet they chose to mingle with us to mold our character - young physicians who shall grow "old" like them (no pun intented).

My colleagues...for the time and camaraderie. My sisters and brothers in my 2nd family. Residency training may not be as fun and memorable without them. Toxicity became bearable everytime we share some jokes or stories especially when it's over food. United we stood and supported each other against unreasonable folks, difficult patients and unreasonable and difficult nurses. My memories of you will forever be etched in my frontal lobe.

Our chairman...our department's big daddy. For believing in us even if we're considered as the underdogs in the city. Well, people tend to think that since we belong in a dilapidated and crap supposed-to-be-tertiary-regional-government hospital, our brains and skills go with the infrastructure too. Another reason might be because we treat the less fortunate, the social-welfare-dependent patients and the no-read-no-write who would sign consent for treatment using their thumbprints. With this, people would think that our brains are just a bit higher than that of our patients' level. Here's this man though who believed in us. Who encouraged us to give out our best and to stand for what we really are. Among others, he took the responsibility in molding our brains and character even if it entails more patience, more headaches, more PVCs and increased risk for another admission on his part.

Screeeeech! Stop me! I'm carried away. Might as well stop here for i might end up with my longest post ever. Still have a lot of people to thank and a lot of things to say but this isnt just the right venue. This basically is just the gist of what I'm planning to say. Starting on a few paragraphs already made my eyes moist. What more if i'll continue with this?

Geez! I have to wear a water-proof mascara and make up tomorrow. Sob!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Moving Out...Moving On

These are not for the famous fastfood-with-a-Big-Bee-Mascot campaign. These stuffs are mine and I brought them home from work. Coming from friends, interns, patients and pests (errr people who show you their best foot and yet you still find them obnoxious...whatever you call them), these toys found a home inside my locker. Since I'll be graduating this Friday from my training (sniff!), I've started to bring home some of my stuffs so that the new residents could make use of my space.

I'm moving out. Leaving the place I almost considered as my 2nd home gives me this separation anxiety. I'll be missing the people I have worked with for the past 4 years! This is the place where i found my niche. The only thing that's constant here on earth though so they say, is change. Change tells me that i have to move on. Not to remain stagnant, to achieve more and to reach higher. In exchange for this though is that I'll be leaving the people I got close with and I'll be leaving the life that I got used to.

My fluffy kids will surely miss their home too. There's no other way but to move on though. Embrace change...face the new challenges...find a new niche...meet new friends...and to find a new home for my fluffy kids in my room. Hmmm, they might look good in here.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

How To Evaluate a Year - Based on the Number of Posts

The longest post title i had...hopefully the shortest post. (Wait i'll do a word count.hehe)

I'm currently having my break with my one on one talk with Harrison. He's such a bore believe me but I'm really trying my very best to like him. To be fair, i guess all textbooks were made to be boring so it's not really Harrison's fault if it's his nature to be one. Well, we've been together for four years and it's just now that I'm trying to get to know him to the bones. I mean every detail of him. With this, I'm starting to do some bargaining. If only i could go on 24-hour duty again in exchange of this talk with him, i am more than willing to do so...even make it 48 hours straight. My butt's flattened up already I guess due to prolonged sitting. Been shifting positions and locations just so to fight off sleepiness and to let my blood circulate only to find myself falling asleep with my marker pens soiling my shirt or my linens! Great!

So Taffy's a great help in times like this. Once Harrison starts to lull me to sleep, i just have to turn to Taffy. Either i'll play games, edit a movie project, or do what im currently doing...post something here. While thinking on what to post here, I realized that 2007 was a difficult year for me. Look at those number of posts i had. This is my trash bin and literally, i had those number of trash for that year...86? Oh, not to count the drafts that remained unpublished since they're not healthy for public consumption. Must have been the Chief Residency responsibility.hehe Looking back in 2008, this year's a bit milder for me. The year's about to end and I only have a handful of "trash" here. Strictly speaking, they're not even pure trash. Life must have been good to me this year. Since i only went on 24-hour duty until the middle of the year, my toxicity was lessened, my exposure to difficult folks and patients were minimized and I only have Harrison to deal with. Well, the boredom that I'm experiencing with him is not enough to be considered as a trash.hehe

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Inhale...exhale...ahhhhh....inhale...exhale....ahhhh....I NEED A BREATHER!

Basically this is all that i wanted to say just to relieve myself of the pressure that's starting to build up from within me. The specialty board exam is fast approaching and i think i'm not even halfway with my review. The exam they say is more difficult than the medical board exam despite that the latter is consist of 12 subjects while the former basically just covers the two volumes of our specialty textbook. What with the modified, nose-bleed-true or false questions? I dont memorize things and i hate figures and these questions are kinda tricky. The examiner for example may opt to delete just one word in a certain statement in order to make this statement false. Just one word or one figure...that tricky.

What made things even more difficult for me are the expectations from my consultants and collleagues. Add the so called "slot" that i already have for my subspecialty training in one of the great hospitals in the country pending my exam result. Panic button on!

Ooooops, I'm a grace under pressure. I dont panic. I could manage a very toxic emergency room with a calm demeanor. I know this too shall pass. A lot of people pray for me. People say I have a very good signal to the Great Architect up there that my prayers are always answered.

Alright self, time's up for self-conditioning. Harrison's* already waiting to be devoured. Raaaaar!

subtext: Goodness! Just by the thought of what I HAVE to do after this makes me nauseated. Barf bag please?

*the textbook