Monday, October 13, 2008

New Inspiration

There arent enough trash to dump in here and our wireless connection at home just resurrected from the my "come-back" blog.

Actually, it's just so timely for today, i found a new inspiration. A new inspiration to blog about. Just when i'm worrying about petty matters in my life, i found the answer from someone i know. Someone just older than i am who faces a bigger enemy than i have. When i'm having battle with myself and my issues, she's having a battle with the big C. She has cancer. Cancer of the ovaries to be exact and she lost the organ that's supposed to complete her womanhood in the process. As a physician i know that her time is counted. Not that it's shortened for even a healthy individual can go ahead of her. It's just that she's given an estimate of how long she'll live. Her existence, quantified.

Life is short. She reminded me about it. I may not have the big C but i can never tell, my life might be shorter than hers. What to do now? Throw away all those petty concerns, reflect on all the blessings i have in my life and be thankful for them. Enjoy life, every second of it. Never to waste a single second on negative thoughts. To stay happy. To stay cool. To love unconditionally and without fear. To give fully without expecting anything in return. To discover how beautiful my life is and how blessed i am. Never give way to my hormonal imbalance (darn pms!). Rather, be thankful that i experience pms and i still have "them" - the organs that might produce another being as abnormal as i am.

Ahhhh life. I just can imagine myself without the Great architect in it. Without Him, i might totally make a great mess out of it. Just when i needed an inspiration (to blog and to get through this pms im having), He sent an angel to enlighten me. In return, i shall pray for this Angel. May she find more strength in the battle that she faces. May she find inspiration too from the people whose lives, she touched...mine included.