Friday, May 25, 2007

Total Overhaul

Was tired from a 24-hour duty and i was too excited to reunite with my bed. To my surprise though, i went into a newly arranged room. The bed was moved to the center of the room from its previous position near the window. My cabinet's now occupying its place. Twas my sister who started to move things out maybe after that heavy downpour the other day. I heard from our helper that some of our pillows were soaked since we failed to close the windows. Well, been planning to do the moving myself a long time ago but was too tired (or timid) to do it. Thanks to the rain. Somebody did it for me.

I am so particular with the way the bed must be located in the room. I have an affinity to the wall. The cold wall gives me comfort and a sort of privacy too. Unfortunately, the bed was positioned at the center of the room and it disturbed me! Was tired yet seeing how disordered the room was since my sister failed to finish what she has started, i started to move things too. With the help of my bro, we moved the bed near the wall. However, the OC in me couldnt afford to see an unfinished job. Therefore, aside from moving the bed and changing the sheets, I started to scrub the floor, wiped the frames and tables and arranged my books too. At long last my disorganized table became a better site to look at. I felt how the room thanked me for being cleaned at. Fact is, I forgot i was tired and from duty and I also forgot the time i last cleaned the room myself. Im busy and im toxic you know.

There you go. My linens are warm and fresh. I'm from a toxic duty and been wanting to sleep since i came home from work. My bed's already calling me to sleep. Im too excited to drift to dreamworld beside another side of the room's walls!hehe


snglguy said...

Hehe, well then goodnight, and have a great and restful weekend. :-D

AngelMD said...

thnx thnx...have to have one...been sick myself too.