Tuesday, May 08, 2007

My Greatest Wish

Been absent from the blogosphere for quite some time. Have to rest my eyes and keep them away from the lcd display in front of me. You see, i acquired this corneal scar that according to the ophthalmologist i consulted to was a contact lens-induced corneal hypoxia. A what? Oh, well, whatever. I had a corneal scar and it stings like hell! That's all.

How did i get this? I dont know. All i can remember is that a little more than a week ago i went swimming in a beach without removing my cl's. Great! Dont add insult to my injury. I know. I know. Shouldnt have done it. Already heard a homily from my optometrist so im already aware where i did wrong. I felt nothing unusual after it though. Really. Even if you'll accuse me of rationalizing again. Will it take this long before i manifest my symptom if the culprit was really that swimming incident? The only significant event that i could remember prior to this was that i failed to remove my lenses before i went to sleep. Nah! Rephrase it. Before i FELL asleep. Meaning, i slept without any intention of sleeping. That's why i failed to remove my lenses. Got it? Good. In short, i woke up the next day with teary eyes - only my right eye to be specific. Aside from it, there's this foreign body sensation that stings like hell. Alright, im being redundant. Mentioned this description already from the previous paragraph. What can i do? I ran out of words and it's the most appropriate description for it. One other thing. Can i point Sandman as the culprit? Watched Spiderman 3 the night before. You know how it feels when a sand gets into your eyes, right? Sheesh! Why didnt i think about this when i went to my optometrist?

I'm now back to my geeky look. Have to suffer the inconvenience of wearing those specs. What i just cant take however is not the specs per se. I cant take what other people's impression of me when im in my specs. People's first impression about me would be that im a wide-reader, intelligent and a "goody-goody". I could take the first two for they are quite true (subtext: wide-reader - meaning i could read a wide array of reading materials...from comics to magazines to journals to blogs, and ok, textbooks. About being intelligent, hmmm, i was born as one i guess.....i need a barf bag!) but the latter, im having doubts if i am good myself. This blog knows how wicked i could get sometimes.

After wearing these specs for several days and after being held up by my ophthalmologist and optometrist for the topical antibiotics and pain-relievers and a new pair of specs, respectively, i came up with my one greatest wish. I just wish that i'll have my 20/20 vision back. You know without those astigmatism that according to my opto was very complicated. Blame my parents. They sent me to a medical school and who passes medical school without reading? Seriously, I should have heeded mom when she warned me not read while lying when i was a student. Well, actually i wasnt. Really! For during those times when mom would find me lying, im already sleeping. If i would be reading while lying, this is already a prelude to my visit to dreamworld and that would be just for a very short duration. Im rationalizing again! Ok, so as my wish will be granted, i admit that i was reading while lying. What's worse, my favorite position would be lying at the side of the bed, on my tummy, with the book on the floor. If you cant figure it out, never mind.

Oh dear fairy godmother, bring back my good vision. I know that it would take me tens of thousands of pesos for a lasik surgery but if i ask from you dear fairy, will a tooth be okay? I'm just a poor resident physician in a government hospital. You know how we are being paid. I'll trade my wisdom tooth if you like. Even all of four them - for a 20/20 vision. Pleeeeease?=P


snglguy said...

What's with eyeglasses anyway? People seem to think of you differently when you wear one. In my case, everyone I know tells me that I look less threatening when I have my glasses on... and I've only started wearing them a few years ago.

BTW, cool looking laptop you seem to have there. What brand is it?

AngelMD said...

haha and this is exactly my point...people think that im meek and weak without any capability of being wicked..hehe

oh u wanna know my ever reliable pet? shes a more than a year old asus model. i thot ul be more interested with the glasses...hehe