Thursday, May 17, 2007

A Business Proposal 2

Yep! I have another business proposal. You see, i was able to gather a lot of partners for my previous business proposal. They realized how rich we could get if this will push through. Attention is quite a very important commodity these days just like air.

As for this 2nd proposal, i was able to think about this when i realized that there are a lot of problems that are happening in our wards. Most of these problems are products of a lack of one's COMMON SENSE. Only if most of the people here especially a number of our nurses, would have this, then my life would have been simpler and happier.

If i would consult encarta about it's definition, COMMON SENSE is a sound practical judgment derived from experience rather than study.

A what? SOUND...PRACTICAL...EXPERIENCE. Wa-wait...Lemme digest it's definition again. SOUND...PRACTICAL...JUDGMENT...EXPERIENCE.

Eureka!!! This is really what this hospital needs! Goodness! If i were to review the series of cases that pushed me to pursue this business proposal, most of the nurses who committed some blunders are those who have stayed in this institution for several years already. Most have been here for some 10 years or so. Yet, look at how they perform in the wards. Im not generalizing but a number of them really have poor judgment. It's like their judgment isnt congruent with their number of years of experience. In short, if i were to make an equation out of it:


A negative common sense. In other words, absent, nil, wala, uncommon sense.

So! If i will be able to sell common sense and make it as a commodity, definitely a lot of sectors from the government to business will surely be interested of this product. Who could take an employee who cant give a good judgment in whatever job assignment that he/she has? This will improve employees performance and would even result to efficiency at work. No employer shall also be fuming with anger because of a poor judgment committed by his employee. No doctor will get irritated because of unnecessary referrals by a nurse who has a good sense of judgment and assessment. This will also result to peace and harmony in one's workplace. Now, who wouldnt be working in a peaceful and harmonious environment?

My product however will expire in a year's time. In short, the subscriber or customer has to repurchase it. I'm thinking about my future too you know. If all the people have acquired common sense in the future, who will still be buying my product then?


snglguy said...

Will it be like one of those prepaid cards wherein you have to scratch to see what's underneath? :-D

Baka mahal yan, ah!

AngelMD said...

haha no need for cards po...additional expense pa yan on my part...hehe could sell it online...ingat lng me sa hackers baka ma crack yung codes for renewal of subscrition...hehe