Friday, November 07, 2008

My Doppleganger

A very late halloween post this may seem, but this is a response to nyss' request to tell her my story about my doppleganger. It's quite improper to tell her my story in her comment box, so here it the believers and non-believers of the paranormal...(insert sound here...twilight zone soundtrack...hehehe)

Here's a description of what a doppleganger is from an online source: A double, an identical replica of a person. The idea behind this is that everyone has a Doppleganger, an identical copy of themselves somewhere in the world. If the person is good, then the Doppleganger will be evil and vice versa. It is even said that if the two should meet, then they will both perish.

Well, obviously,if the myth is true, i havent seen my doppleganger yet for im still alive, posting this blog. There were three people who saw my doppleganger. Three different incidents, yet i only figured out just today, that these incidents happened between 10-11 o'clock either in the morning or in the evening.

1st Incident: This happened some time in June when i was still going on a 24-hr duty at the hospital. I went upstairs to our conference room to have my late dinner. It was 9 o'clock in the evening, i could remember. Since there were only two of us who were on duty that time, i was all alone in our conference room since my junior was at the emergency room. At 10pm, while preparing to freshen up, i heard the front door open. We have two locks and since i heard the deadbolt open, i presumed that it was my junior resident who went up. I didnt check who it was. Instead, i went to the bathroom for a bath. After i was done, i received a text from one of our interns. He asked me if i'm inside the conference room and if he could go there. Gave him my go signal and twas him who told me the goosebumps story.
He asked me if i went upstairs at around 10 in the evening. Told him that i was in the conference room an hour earlier. The reason was at around 10pm, he went up to the conference room. He saw "me", actually, the back of me, about to enter the door. He ran after me and even called my name but it seemed that i didnt hear him. He didnt knock on the door thinking that i might be busy so the reason for his text. Catch is, that time that he saw "me" entering the door, i was already inside the the conference room an hour earlier and was on my way to the bathroom. It was also the time that i heard the door open....tinininini tininini....hehe

2nd Incident: This came from our secretary. Every morning, after the endorsement at 9 o'clock, most of us are making our rounds in our different wards. One day, our secretary who reported to work at around this time, saw "me" walked by through the door between the main conference room and the receiving area of our office. She was seated in her table at the receiving area. Thinking that i was in the main conference room, she went in to greet me. Only to realize that there's noone inside the room. The direction where "i" was headed according to her was towards our sofa and she was surprised to find out that i was not there. She checked inside our bathroom yet she didnt find me there. Fact is, i was already in the wards making my rounds with my junior.

3rd Incident: This happened on the same day. Our secretary (secretary A) asked our other secretary (Secretary B) what i was wearing that day. Secretary B who saw me earlier that day told her that i was in black maong skirt and black blouse. So secretary A told her what happened and that she saw me with the same outfit. The two of them got a scare of their lives when i went upstairs for lunch. Yep! I was wearing a black skirt, yet my blouse was pink - not black. Secretary B was surprised! For earlier that day too, before Secretary A reported to work, secretary B saw 'me" standing beside our conference table, texting. I was in an all black outfit. The time when she saw me texting, i was already in the wards. She might have thought it was me but only forgot the details of what i was wearing for she already saw me when i reported to work. She just didnt realize that the "real me" was wearing a pink blouse, not black.wehehehe

Well, three people, three incidents, all saw my doppleganger. I guess my doppleganger is on the "good side" for she didnt harm anyone at the office. Whether the myth about dopplegangers is true or not, i discovered one truth...that our dopplegangers are an exact opposite of who we are...hehehe