Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A New Journey

Travelled a little more than 2 hours to reach their place. Half an hour by land and an hour by sea. Ok, i failed to include on how long we've waited for the coastguard just so we'll be permitted to sail. On board a big pumpboat, i shifted to autistic mode when i got bored waiting for whoever that was who shall sign the manifesto. I started to play with my camphone and took pictures of whatever or whoever caught my attention.

This picture was taken before we left the shore. Reminded me of my dream of having a house by the seashore. It need not be a white sand beach. I just wanted the sound of the waves, the coolness of the breeze and the ambiance of the sea.

I was trying to read what they are thinking. At first i kinda envy their job. I, the ever beach lover got excited having that ride of my life and wanted to let that moment last a bit longer. As i observed them more keenly however, they looked bored for doing their routine work of sailing. Observing more deeper, maybe they were worried on what to feed their family for the day. Hmmm, i guess i'll just settle with my toxic life and this short break from work. At least i dont need to worry about a family to feed.

I was saddened by the way this sea water looked. This could be the result of the rampant illegal logging in the province. Oh well at least there's still a nice cloudscape to look up to.

Trying to figure out what's going to happen to us for the next hour. No back support for the seats, no cushion under our butt. It's not that im not used to this kind of life. Heck, have travelled to the mountains on a weapon carrier during one of our medical missions when i was in medical school. What im just trying to say is that, for someone who just came from the hospital for a duty, a more comfortable seat would have been a bonus.

So after an hour by the sea, we finally landed on the wharf which was just a few meters away from where she lived. Their place was a sleepy town. Time was running so slow there and what you can see were vast farmlands and fishponds. When we reached her place, she's no longer there. She was already brought to the chapel for the mass. There were a few relatives who came and some neighbors too. Heared not a single sound of someone crying while the mass was going on. Her family and friends might have already accepted her fate.

The only time that ive seen her family and friends crying was when her coffin was about to be brought to the funeral car. I dont want to witness such sight. I made sure to include in my death plan that i dont want to see anyone crying in my grave.

We travelled under the heat of the sun for a few minutes before we reached the cemetery. That was very humid during that time. I was sweating like hell and i felt so sticky. We joined the other mourners in a jeepney. Just when i was all sweating, i had a free powder from the road dust coming from the jeepney's windows. I would have enjoyed this better if it was not humid. I love to travel and i love to sweat but to feel like you're in a large sauna? Whew! What i was experiencing that time reminded me that ill be submitting my leave forms when i get back to the hospital. Been tempted to join the Amazing Race Asia...hehe

We finally brought her to rest. Her journey here on earth ended after 29 years and off she was to another chapter. I may not know what lies ahead of her but witnessing how her family and friends loved her made me think that wherever she may be, she's happy with the kind of life that she had and will be having. I just hope that she'll continue to live in peace.


snglguy said...

Was she the intern who died in the hospital?

AngelMD said...

she was a resident too.