Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Couldnt help but notice how lost her father looked. He was 26, hmmm, 3 years my junior. Though he looked younger than his age, he too looked so innocent and pitiful. What worried me the most was her. The newborn being carried by her young father. She was just a few days old. Her mother was at home recuperating from childbirth. She was septic. A walking time bomb ticking away if not given prompt medical treatment. She was already the 3rd child of the family. Her mother was just 23.

Her father was apprised of her condition. He looked a lot worse. Who will feel great knowing that you have a dying child and your pocket have died ahead of her. Where will he get his resources? Where in the world can he find help?

I still am not numb to this kind of sight. She wasnt my patient. If i pursued pediatrics then she might have been. I was just an observer from afar. Was given a few minutes to relax at the ER after admitting our nth patient. I was feeling for her. I was feeling for their family.

Now i know the reason for my toxicity. Fate doesnt just want me to have some time to relax and be able to witness such sight to dampen my spirit. I still have a lot of lives to save. So better think of happy thoughts.


snglguy said...

It's scenes like this that reminds us of the cruelty of life... :-(

AngelMD said...

and it reminds us too how more blessed we are.