Wednesday, June 06, 2007


This is an overdue post. Ive mentioned about our group from my previous post and as promised, ill be making a separate entry for it. It's just so timely that i just came home from our group meeting. Been bored for the past few days at home and after being informed by one of our members that we'll be having a meeting, i didnt have any doubts attending it. We met over dinner in a restaurant by the sea and the night was concluded over a cup of brewed coffee. This explains why i still am awake posting this entry.

Now what does BCSG stand for? This is our group name. The name sounds ridiculous but anyhow ill be mentioning it here. It stands for Batchoy Club and Support Group. Im washing my hands clean here. It was Jedi who gave the name and i'll be describing him later.

Our group was formed over bowls of batchoy one fine afternoon, that's why. Went out for snacks with two of our interns and over batchoy, we shared sentiments about our work in the hospital. Not only that, we too shared lighter moments wherein we laughed at our bloopers or that of our colleagues. We shared a healthy conversation enough to make us feel better after a hard day's work and enough to sustain us again for another duty.

That batchoy session was followed by another foodtrip. This time, we had a new recruit - our junior consultant in the department. So there you go, over a pile of oysters, the official group was formed. Four members who have bottomless stomachs. No qualms as to food or place preference. No qualms too with regards to bill payments. In other words, bawal ang nag dadiet at bawal ang kuripot.

Through textvotes, we finally decided on our positions. By unanimous decision and by virtue of seniority, our president is no other than Dr. Potter, our junior consultant. The group's foodtrip and psychotherapy sessions will not be considered official unless the president is around. Also, only him has the last word as to the place or food to eat. Since he too is the most senior and is earning the most, he too is the financier of our eat out sessions - most of the time. Did i just mention bawal ang kuripot? Dr. Potter's the coolest resident, now P-resident, around. There are no dull moments with him. He could turn a really bad day very ok. His mere mention of POTO already makes me laugh. He lives as a "Grace under pressure," and this is what we are also adopting.

Then there's Jedi, our official mascot and driver. The only-but-never-been-spoiled-son. He's a postgraduate intern who eventually will end up in internal medicine.hehe His life story especially when he was an adolescent was a pang "Maalala Mo Kaya." Hmm, in a comedy genre. You'll never feel full when he's around for you'll burn all your calorie intake laughing at his stories. Now you already have an idea why we are a support group. After all the serious facade that we wear at work and after all the serious cases that we face in the hospital, we need lighter moments to detoxify us. Laughter is still the best medicine so said the old adage.

Our treasurer, secretary and informer is Adopted. Another post graduate intern of ours who was on the verge of quitting medical school after only a week of rotating in the department. I dont know what happened but this future internist is so interested in medicine that she helps out at the ER with the medical resident on duty though she's rotating in OB-GYNE. I call her adopted for she considered me as her adoptive mother. Poor little kid, with the physique of Miss Somalia, or locally that of a batang Negros, couldnt help but to adopt her.hehe Peace Adopted. She was given a special award by our department as decided by our chairman. The award goes with a 4-year residency contract.hehe Dont be fooled by the physique though. Fact is her metabolism is just rapid for her appetite is almost equivalent to that of Jedi's. Oh by the way, she's a hypothyroid as claimed.

Lastly, the muse of the group is no other than, who else? Need not describe myself here. This blog's too full of myself already. Just in case you are interested to know though, yep! Im a voracious eater. I could consume almost the same amount of food as Dr. Potter and Jedi's despite of my petite stature. Where am i putting all the calories then? Hmmm, try going on a 24-hour duty with me.

So there! Now you know the group that i always go out with. Aside from blogging, they too are my emotional vents. At least im working on my autism when im with them for i get to socialize with other people unlike when im only blogging.

BCSG - Four people with different lives, different experiences, sharing the same profession, the same sentiments, the same likes, and the same goal. Goal of having a life outside of the hospital, in order to be more effective in saving another life. Awwww. Barf bag pleeeease.


snglguy said...

Interesting group you have there. It's good to unwind after a stressful day... but wow, over oysters? Sarap niyan ah! :-D And what? No beer? LOL :-D

Rhea Joy Tabujara said...

correct me if i'm wrong, i think it's our 2nd official meeting...tsakto ko ma? the first one was our luch at pta. taytay...
i agree with you ma, being a group member in this club (BCSG) is something worth to be enjoyed...some of them think its just a food trip pro nd mn d ba?
imagine, nagclick ta na 4? hahaha...anyway my favor ko gle sa imo...dnt tell jedi abt syn ha?

Rhea Joy Tabujara said...

i'll tell you sa nxt mtg why i'm more into your department, compared to others...nxt tym a ah...

AngelMD said...

haha yep! no beer, no alcohol...a number of us is allergic to it...hehe boring ba pag walang beer?hehe

AngelMD said...

rhea, i guess 2nd official pa lng na complete. the rest ara si pres but may kulang gid na isa...hehe