Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Dear Junior

This is for my junior resident who's giving me a very hard time. I know you read my posts and you can definitely read this. Yep! Im having a hard time with you. I just would like to let you know however that im not giving up on you. Ive been working with you for the past six months now and ive seen that passion in you in this profession that we are in. If you dont have that thing within you, you could have given up a long time ago. This road that we took is all rocky i understand. A neophyte like you would definitely grow tired and burn out after a short journey should you lose that passion in you.

Now if you are holding on still, so am i. I'll be the bitchest senior that you'll have should you never improve on your performance. I'll never stop those pressures im imposing on you so long as i couldnt see you giving out your best. I'll drain out your hidden potentials for your patients' benefits. There's a great potential in your person. You just have to learn how to develop it.

So as i am about to take my rest after a wasted duty that we have, here's a song that i guess will apply in the next duties that we'll have together. This is for you to hold on with our training, and for me to never give up on you. I'll never give up so long as i could still see that passion within you. Im saying and doing this, for you have to remember that, before i became your bitchy senior, i was and will forever remain your friend.


snglguy said...

Hmm, now you're sounding like a dominatrix, hehe. Just kidding... :-D

But anyways, hope you'll be able to get through to her. Based on your description of her in your last post, she seems quite a challenge.

AngelMD-No-More said...

haha the one im talking about here is a "he". the one im referring from my previous blog is a different person...see how many "challenges" im facing everyday...=)

Jules said...

when life gives you lemons, slice it and squeeze it sa ala Ibong Adarna mong wound

dominatrix pala...?

AngelMD-No-More said...

haha jj! u cant help but read this ano? dominatrix? so u too agree? id rather be the lemon on ur wound...nah, make it the salt.hehe