Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Many times have i done it in this blog? No other than to complain about my work. Obviously, this is what this blog is all about. My emotional trash bin where i can unload all my toxicities from work. If ill be posting nice posts about my job, then i should have renamed my blog title.

To deviate from my usual posts, ill be talking how contented i am with my work now. Woohoot! This is what the 1st 2 days of my force leave has done to me. Goodness im starting to miss work! Yay! This is soooooo me!

Went to the mall with my parents and youngest sis this afternoon. Mom's been wanting to buy a videocam so her techie daughter (unfortunately that's me), has to accompany her. I didnt realize how expensive these cams are now. Im not interested in having one so maybe i didnt have any idea on how their prices range. Had a hard time in looking for one. Mom's got her own taste but of course the last word would still come from me. If you only know how difficult it was for me to decide. Im not the one who's buying it and i dont want to end up feeling guilty should mom wouldnt like what i chose. In the end, i just guided her in her choice to the point that i have to let her choose between the cam and a laptop. Sheesh! The cam she liked costs as much as a new laptop nowadays. She's been needing a lap but mom's kinda wise sometimes. She's just waiting for me to upgrade mine so she could have my old lap for free. Tsk! Tsk!

Well, that was quite long for an introduction. In short, i got hungry and we ended up at a fastfood restaurant for some snacks. And oh the videocam? She didnt buy one. The one she wanted was out of stocks so she just have to order it should she want to have it. Great! Speaking of signs that if things arent meant for you, there really is a way for you not to have it.

Lined up at the counter to give our order. While waiting at the queue, i was trying to picture out myself on the other side taking the orders. "Yes ma'am? Good afternoon ma'am. May i take your order please?" Equipped with a smile plastered on my face. Aside from taking the orders, you have to take the stuffs yourself and you should do it in a haste. Now aside from giving the orders, you'll charge the bill and take the money. Whew! That was quite a job for me. I couldnt just imagine how toxic they get especially during peak hours like lunch time. What's difficult with this job too is that you have to master the art of smiling amidst the toxicity. Smile towards demanding customers - they're always right, girl. Yep! Even if they arent. Smile even if you feel like your legs are about to break down after the trips you've did from the counter to the service area and back. I'm thinking that should i place myself behind that counter, i need to wear a mask. I'm this transparent. People can see what i feel inside unless of course ill apply my best actress skills.

I always have a share of my toxicity at the Emergency room. Patients would usually come in herds and each has his/her own story to tell, own complaint to be attented to. Despite the demands and toxicity of my job though, i could manage to survive one duty after another. Nurses and interns that i go on duty with even consider me as a toxic yet cool resident for i remained to be a grace under pressure when im at work. Oh yeah? If there are also people who remain as graces under pressure, they are those fastfood crews who managed to smile all their shifts and manage to live on their meager salaries. And yes, i admire them for that.

Bottomline is, no matter what kind of work you are in, you'll never get toxic so long as you put passion in it. I may not picture out myself as an effective fastfood crew but maybe should i put more passion in it, ill eventually be liking my work. As of now, ill contend myself as a toxic resident in a crap government hospital. Be an effective and passionate lifesaver as i promised to Hippocrates. So the next time around that a patient comes, might as well apply the lines i hear when giving out my order:

"Yes sir, welcome to the ER. How may i help you, sir? Do you want to be admitted? Well, we have a variety of wards for you to choose from. We have the medicare and charity wards and of course our famous ALLEY WARD. Should you want to be more comfortable, i'll request you to bring in your folding beds instead of a cardbox for you to lay upon.

We also have a choice of intravenous fluids sir. Do you want it plain or dextrose containing? Yadda yadda yadda."

Now this sounds so phony! Actually, my patients need not hear a word from me. Just one grin and a comforting touch and they'll be enough.

Oh how i love my job!


snglguy said...

Hmm, if you were to apply the cheery attiude and "happy" lines to every incoming patient, they'll think they're in a mental institution instead of a hospital... :-)

AngelMD said...

hahaha korek ka jan sngl...that's the reason why i dont have to say a word...hehe