Wednesday, June 20, 2007

What's With Blogger?

I'm wondering what happened with blogger. Is it the "Araw ng Lahi" yet? Why all the Filipino stuffs in the tabs and commands? I'm in no way against the Filipino language but heck! I'm having a hard time really understanding some of the words. If not that i have memorized the tabs already, i really would have a hard time posting this. It's kinda funny though mixing up the Tagalog with English words. If they have decided to use Filipino as the language for instructions here, then maybe they should have an equivalent Filipino word for the words like "SAVE", "PUBLISH", "POSTS", "EDIT", "SETTING," etcetera.

What's funny here is this...

"Ini-imbak" reminds me of those pickles and other stuffs that you store.hehe So if they use this word here, why not use "Nililigtas" for "Save"?hehe With the rest, let blogger do its thing. I just have to familiriaze myself with this thing for now. Crap! Im really having a hard time. Im on the verge of laughing and getting irritated. Laughing for the funny sentences im reading here and irritated for having a hard time understanding them.

Oh boy! What's with this? A broken Filipino word? Goodness! What's "Magagumpay"? You mean "Matagumpay"? And by the way, why not try using "Bintana" instead of "Window"...hehe


snglguy said...

Oh, so THAT's why blogger's comment boxes looked so... Pinoy, hehe. :-D

I was surprised as well, was commenting on one of my Malaysian reader's blog and I saw the Tagalog words and I was like, WTF??? :-D

AngelMD-No-More said...

hahaha and look at that thing..."ayon kay singlguy...." hahaha are they experimenting or something? is this happening to all bloggers using blogger? wawa naman ang mga d nakakaintindi ng filipino...hehe