Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Best Things Are Free

Just imagine a world where every breath of oxygen that we take is being measured. Not only that, we will be asked to pay for it. Yep! Every liter of it. If the medical oxygen is the cause of quarrel and drift in this institution that i am in, what more if the air that we breath is for sale? I realized how blessed we are for there are still some free things in life like this air that we breathe. Good thing too for i still am capable of living while breathing room air.


snglguy said...

Hold it, hold it! Who says that the air we breath is free? We pay taxes don't we? :-D

Kidding aside, in a few decades, when our air has become so toxic from all that pollutants, we might have to resort to buying filters for our masks or worse, buy bottled clean air to breath. Kinda like buying bottled water

AngelMD-No-More said...

i hope we're all dead wen this time comes. actually im envisioning an oxygen refilling station...more like a gas station where people who have pulmonary problems could drop by for a dose of oxygen...hehe