Saturday, June 09, 2007

All About This Blog

Received comments from friends and acquaintances as to why this blog of mine seems to be dark. People who know me well would definitely comment that this blog's aura is totally different to what i project in person. I was asked to write about a more cheerful topic or maybe something that's got to do with my lovelife. Huwaaaat? Are you guys asking me to deviate from what this blog is all about?

In its mere design, i wanted this blog to reflect what its contents really are. For the background color, I chose black - simple, deep, dark, mysterious. With its title and heading, i already gave you an idea that this is a place where i could unload myself of the responsibilities that i have in my profession. Im calling this as my trash bin. Now if you could show me a trash bin that's neat and full of good stuffs, then maybe i will be forced to overhaul my whole blog.

By the way, what are those feet of mine doing here? I just wanted to show how nice looking they are.hehe Also, i wanted to give them the limelight here. Doing my daily rounds at work makes me neglect them most of the time. The only time i paid them enough attention was when i was absent from work because of tendinitis. Seriously, i wanted to create a contrast between the background and the pic. Also, looking at the pic gives me the feeling of carefreeness and being liberated - not just from work but from everything.

Pardon me then if you get nothing but negative energy here. The reason too why i appear so different in real life is that this is where my negative energy is released. I dont want to channel this negative energy to others without their consent. I know how it feels to receive such energy from others and be affected all day long by it. In short, if you get to have a share of this negative energy im talking about by reading this blog, im not to be blamed. There's an effort coming from your part too for you have a choice to read or skip this site. Now this is what i call my social responsibility.hehe

Just like a bitter pill though that you have to swallow first before you get the benefit, i tried, to the best that i could, to incorporate some sort of learnings that i gained from the experiences im posting. Haha. Am i hearing myself explaining here?

Alright, read on at your own risk. This is just what im trying to say.

As to my so-called "other" life? Of course im blogging it too. This blog can even be found in my profile. It remains to be private though.hehe


snglguy said...

Ooh, so that explains why your nice-looking pair are hogging all the limelight in your header. :-D

Anyways, this is a blog... your own private little space that you chose to share with, umm... strangers. And just in case they missed the entire point, it's supposed to be a repository of your thoughts --- and in your case, your angst.

Nobody can tell you what you can and cannot write in your own journal, otherwise the whole concept of blogging will be lost, di ba?

AngelMD said...

hehe...that's the point sngl.this is the reason why we are blogging. aside from immortalizing our thoughts, we too are freed from the criticisms of editors. anyways, i cant blame my friends if they might be surprised of what they're reading here. im totally different in person. speaking of taming my monsters within and letting them out here. =)