Saturday, August 04, 2007

Keep Away

Heightened sensitivity, labile emotions, tolerance gauge giving out a warning signal that it's nearing to drain, food cravings (eats anything in front of me) to the point that i dont get full, a feeling that my clothes shrunk (or must be me who feels bloated), and sonic nose that's now very sensitive to fume most especially to noxious ones. All these point to just one thing. I'm PREGNANT!

Huwaaaat? How in the world could i think about this possibility? Alright! Blame my hormones for this! Im not pregnant! Hello???!!! I dont have plans to reenact the life of the Virgin. Ok, all these symptoms tell me of one thing. Im having my PMS....Premenstrual syndrome. Nah! Definitely not the pre menaupausal syndrome...ooops goodness and i cant even spell it right? Pre menopausal syndrome. There you go! Tsk! Tsk! My hormones have gone awry!

I cant help but pray (yep! I prayed for this PMS thing!) for all of these to end! I dont like myself when i feel this way. This happens for a whole damn week each month with its peak a day before my monthly visitor comes. I could be very violent and intolerant during these times. Fact however is that i could recognize it. Been dealing with this for 16 years alright, how can i not become an expert on this?

You see, just yesterday, i was talking with an employee's wife. She was the most difficult person to deal with for she refused to listen to explanations. Anyhow, the gist of the argument was that she wanted us (my co-residents and i) to sign her husband's medical certificate. Noone would for in the period she specified, not one of us has seen him. She insisted. We continued to resist and decline to the point that i have to tell her straight to the face that i wont be risking the license. that ive worked my ass off for 10 years, for the medical certificate she was asking for. That ill be eating her whole if she continues to insist. Well, twas 11:30 in the morning, i was from duty, havent had nothing per orem yet and have been running around the hospital filling up the damn senior house officer report that we were obliged to do. All these plus my PMS could really lead to nothing but an irritable me.

Actually, my sanity has kept my humor intact. I was doing these things with humor. If i was so serious about what i was telling her, then maybe she could have gone hysterical and we ended up in a bad note. I even tried applying the Patronus charm on know to drive away dementors? It didnt work though. Been shouting "Patronus!" several times waving my pen towards her yet she didnt go away. I guess the spell went back to me for it was i who felt better after having a good laugh with what ive done. She didnt understand it definitely. My junior consultant who happens to be an HP fan too, tried to cast the cruciatos curse on her. "Cruciatus!" It didnt work too. Eventually by whatever force, she decided to leave or maybe after she realized that noone really was charmed by her to sign in her medical certificate.

This is me! Pre menstrually. I always try to be in my "autistic mode" when i feel those symptoms ive previously mentioned. If i feel that i could do harm to another living thing, i try to hide inside my cave and deal with myself. This is the reason why im withdrawn and aloof for a week. I couldnt tell everyone to keep away from me. This would be very taxing. For convenience, maybe i could just wear a shirt or place a tag on myself saying: "Keep away! PMS ongoing!"

Post script:

After telling my story to my HP fanatic sisters, they almost rolled down laughing! Goodness! How can i drive that dementor away when i said the wrong spell? Patronus is a "noun"'s the name of the charm actually. The incantation would be "Expecto patronum! Sheesh! I should have known! I should have known! As for Cruciatus? It's a noun too. The incantation would be, "Crucio!" The next time around, im confident that i could drive away dementors!


snglguy said...

Hmmm...I wonder if those incantations will work on those pesky dvd vendors with their cursed loudspeakers outside our building. They are the Pinoy version of the Dementors...

AngelMD-No-More said...

haha try mo kaya sngl...baka pa lng...hehe