Friday, August 17, 2007

The Prayer

The results were out and im sharing with the happiness that my "adopted kids" are currently experiencing. I once relived the time when i heard that i passed the exam myself. I could feel how blessed one can be after receiving an answered prayer. Hmmm as for my case, i had a different prayer back then. I prayed that if God will not be able to answer my prayer, then He should answer my parents' prayers instead. See, i was not praying for myself. I was praying for other people, in that case, my parents. In my mind, God must be telling me how wise i was. I might have waived my request for myself but goodness my parents were surely praying for me too! One other thing, I believe that my parents are closer to Him than I am so i was thinking that maybe their prayers are heard stronger than mine. In the end i realized that i was the one who's stronger. My prayers were all prayer for myself and for my parents.hehe

To our new doctors, congratulations! If you have prayed fervently to pass the boards, pray more fervently to survive the real world. It's really very different out here. It feels like being in a jungle with all the wild animals just waiting to devour you whole. I'm not giving out a threat, am i? What im just trying to say is that, we must never stop praying. Yep! even if we have already reached our childhood dream. I'm not doing a homily here too. It's just that i believe how important prayer is in our lives just like the air that we breath. You need not go to church to say it. You need not even those pamphlets or novena booklets and rosaries either. I hate phony people and modern times Pharisees. People who appears religious and spiritual yet acts the contrary. All we need is just an open line with the One in Power.

For me, a simple "Hi!" to Him is already a prayer. I'm not having hallucinations but i could hear Him speak to me when i start greeting Him. Most of the time He tells me,"Be patient to them the way that I am to you." Oh well, maybe when i get pissed off by those people around me that sometimes i wanted to cast the Cruciatus curse at them. At times, i could hear Him say,"I expect a lot from you for you are more blessed." Hmmm, when i feel that work and responsibilities are too much that i wanted just to evaporate and disappear in an instance. He also never fails to remind me,"You are loved." This i always wanted to hear most especially when i am obliged to face difficult people and i am forced to love the unlovable. Epppp! You cant blame me! There are a lot of unlovable creatures around and they live and are happy as such. Maybe, just maybe, they were created to remind me how special i am.

Note to self:
Aaaargh! I hate it when you're posting this kind of stuff. It makes me puke and hide under my skin. Everytime you're doing this, i know that you're running out of your power supply. Oh well, good thing you're self-generating!


snglguy said...

Congrats congrats Angel. See? I told you'd ace the exam...

Enjoy you long weekend. ;-)

AngelMD-No-More said...

hahaha that was a different exam referring to my board exam this time. nways, enjoy ur weekend too.