Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Get a Life

Met someone from college today. She was the president of our organization and she was like a big sister to me back then. She was surprised to see me grow up. Hello!?! As if i was really that teenie meenie little girl back then. Maybe i gained a little weight alright and on the contrary, it's even a compliment for me. She has the same bubbly personality. She still talked and asked questions at a speed i couldnt fathom. Twas like she delivered 5 paragraphs already and i only responded with a "yes."

Bubbly: "Are you married?"
Me: "Uhmmm..." (in my mind, i was thinking, not in the immediate future.)
Bubbly: "With boyfriend?"
Me: "Uh???" (not in my wildest dream for the mean time.)
Bubbly: "Why? What's the matter?"
Me: "Priorities?"
Bubbly: "What priorities?"
Me: "Career? Further studies?"
Bubbly: "Oh. You're done with that. It's now time that you'll think about yourself."

Then, there's this 3-second pause then "the end."

She was in hurry that she have to leave soon. After our goodbyes, she left me in wonder. What was she trying to tell me? "I must think about myself?" Goodness! Was it because i'm still unattached? I really cant get her point there. It doesnt mean that since i am unattached, i dont think about myself. Are my plans of further trainings not a selfish act? I'm thinking about my future, about myself when i planned this. Isnt it not having someone tagging on my line a selfish act too? I dont want to care for anyone nor to divide my time with someone as of this time. I wanted my time to be mine so that i could plan whatever it is that i wanted to do with my life. Am i not thinking about myself then?

I realized that people have different priorities in life. She said it in good faith but im thinking that maybe her priorities are different from mine. She too was a medical student. Several times though, she failed in the board exam. At present, she's married and now a housewife. She might be prioritizing family life more than her own career that she's already happy with what she is right now. I on the other hand kept on studying and training. Career-driven at my own discretion. Grabbing whatever opportunity there is for self-growth. If there's really a place for lovelife in my priorities, then maybe it occupies the backseat.

In short, you can never tell those successful people who are unattached to think about themselves first. Fact is, like me, they have been thinking about themselves all along. For me, being in a relationship isnt equivalent to thinking about one's own welfare. You may have someone with you to share your life with but this is also equivalent to having a responsibility over this someone. But if she's referring about the remote future when ill be old and demented, then i guess this will be the time that ill be thinking of myself by having someone to share my dementia with.hehe As for now, I am selfish enough not to be in a relationship. Enjoying the prime of my life, my career is still what im prioritizing. If this is where i will be fulfilled and happy, then who disagrees that being single is not an act of selfishness?

This is my life. Sometimes other people just dont have a life of their own that they could see and scrutinize other people. The problem however is that they usually pick on single ones (that includes me) thinking that these people arent happy with their own lives. If ill once again hear this "think about yourself" line the next time, i might not be able to control myself that i could tell him/her to "Get a life!"


Rhea Joy Tabujara said...

haha....well i agree with you ma! it depends naman kng ano yung i-prioritize mo d ba? i know your happy with what you have and what you are right now, it doesnt mean namn na kung single ka la kang life...it depends kung paano mo i-enjoy....hahaha...

snglguy said...

Believe me, being in a relationship or being married for that matter, isn't what it's cracked up to be. Enjoy your life now and follow your dreams... relationships can wait.

AngelMD-No-More said...

rhea: nag prioritize lng k...hehe familiar speech? d reason why a lot of people are commenting to our own lives is because they dont have one. amo na iban nga tawo makita nila...ano gani motto ta? "enjoy life." whether u think or not about urself, wat matters is we're enjoying d short life that we have.

sngl: haha if there's someone reliable enuf to comment about d cons of marriage lam k kaw yun...korek po! relationships can wait but these opportunities for self growth are limited and time-bound.

vernaloo said...

sometimes you just have to know where this people are coming from to understand them.

I know how it is given I'm also unattached like you. That's why it's not a walk in the park when I go home in La Castellana (my hometown) because I'm always bombarded with questions like "teh day san o ka mapakasal?" or "teh sin o boyfriend mo subong? ha wala pa gyapon? basi guro sinuplada ka naman or ubra ka lang nga ubra". Yes normally my tita's and elementary/HS teachers are the ones doing it. You know, we can't really blame them or stop them...somewhere along the way you're gonna encounter the same statement and question again. Just be cool about it and maybe you can say "I think ergo I am single" or something like that hehe

Seriously you're on the right track..screw them hehe

AngelMD-No-More said...

hahaha korek ka gid verns! i really wouldnt care about my status at all...wats important is that im happy with it. noone cud guarantee that being in a relationship cud make u happy. i know a lot of people who are miserable with their married or attached life. focus on ur career first...lovelife will follow...hehe

thanks for dropping by.

Meyms said...

Hello Cel! First comment ko here. Hehe. Kay feeling daan sg iban dapat may migo gid para happy kay sila may migo or attached. They think that what makes them happy would also apply to other people. Kaulugot gani pamangkuton san-o pakasal. Hello, alangan man pakasal ka lang kay nagapinakasal na tanan sa palibot. Indi man gid ko akig. Hehehe. Basta it doesn't matter if you're single or not as long as you are happy :)

AngelMD-No-More said...

haha tsakot ka gid meyms...happiness is subjective. so it wouldnt matter what ur status or lifestyle is so long as ure happy with it...contentment ah. di man ni pasunod sunod sa uso ah...hehe thnx for dropping by.

zherwin said...

naku, never ending questioning yan. kung walang bf/gf: "bakit wala pa?" if you're attached: "when are going to get hitched?" if married already: "wala pa bang baby?" o kung meron nang baby: "kelan ba'ng kasunod?" and so on...

right now, me and my gf just rolled our eyes whenever someone asked when's the wedding gonna be. hindi ba pwedeng maghintay na lang kayo? hehehe.

ang theory ko: natural na pakialamero'pakialamero ang mga tao hehehe.

AngelMD-No-More said...

haha sinabi mo pa...lahat yata ng tao nakikialam sa buhay ng may buhay...nways, thnx for dropping by.

Asthong Kutchong said...

Tama kayo mga pangga.. Bakit ba madaming taong nakikialam sa buhay ng iba. At bakit ba nila pinapansin kung bakit ikaw ay dalaga o binata lalo na kung ikaw ay halos lampas na sa gulang para mag-asawa. Ano ba talaga motibo nila? Sila ba ay naiingit dahil ikaw or karamihan sa ganang kategorya ay halos successful sa kani-kanilang propesyon or hanap-bahay.

Pero teka bakit hindi natin sila bigyan pansin baka naman talagang nakakaunawa sila na masarap ang may asawa at anak dahil naranasan nila ito. Minsan lang ang buhay at lagi itong pasulong at hindi umaatras. Kung sakaling may pagkakataon kang pagsabayin ang pagaasawa at ang magandang career. Bakit hindi mo gawin iyon?. Ang career andyan lang yan pero ang taong minamahal mo minsan nawawala kapag hindi mo inaalagaan.

Sa ngayon maaring sarado ang isipan mo sa pag-ibig at puro career ang nasa isip mo. Pero sana wag dumating ang araw na magiba ang isip mo at tapos saka mo lang nalaman na huli na ang lahat. Hindi ko sinasabing lahat ng nagaasawa ay humahantong sa maganda. Tutuong maraming nagkakahiwalay at umaabot pa ito sa korte. Ang punto ko ay don’t fail to try to have BF or husband. Lahat ay may kanya-kanyang panahon - a time to cry, a time to laugh, a time for your career and a time to love. Huwag mong hayaang mawala ang panahong ito kapag sakaling dumating sya sa buhay mo.

AngelMD-No-More said...

asthong: haha salamat po sa advice....point well taken.