Monday, August 20, 2007

The Jungle

Many times have i described my workplace as a jungle in this blog. Wild beasts are all around me. From the administrators to the employees, down to the patients and their relatives, they all were scaring me to death when i was yet a neophyte. No longer now. With the theory on natural selection otherwise known as the "survival of the fittest," i could say that i have finally adapted to this kind of life. I have assimilated myself in their midst, but take note, my principles and values all remained to be intact. I started to find my niche though in this jungle and i am grateful that i have chosen the right one for me from the start.

Always on my autistic mode, i have become observant of the people around me. I tried to study and examine the predators in this jungle. It's like, knowing thy enemies if you wanted to survive. Eventually, in my 4 years of existence in this institution and that includes my internship, i was able to categorize these beasts based on their performance and character. Pardon my choice of words. This blog is meant for ranting and destressing. If some words make you puke or arent easy to swallow, feel free to click on that red x tab at the upper right hand corner of this window.

To continue, here's my list of the jungle creatures in this place im working in.

1. Eri the Elephant

He tops my list. Eversince i was an intern, i just couldnt take his face. Nah! Dont get me wrong, i dont discriminate and judge people by their appearance alone. It's just that he was gifted with a pachyderm face and an equally pachyderm character. Pachyderms are defined as large, thick-skinned mammals, and this is where Eri belongs. If his face and character arent that thick, he would be ashamed to throw stones at other people who are allegedly not performing their duties well when in fact, he would be in the top list if i were to judge him. He would be ashamed to cover up his blunders just so he would appear as Dr. Nice-Guy or Dr. Efficient. He would even be more ashamed to take another position in the administration when in fact he couldnt even perform well in his other duties as of presstime. Lastly, if he were not a pachyderm, he would be ashamed to gain wealth from other people's poverty. I need not elaborate more in this matter for i might give away the clue of who Eri really is. By the way, he's Sunny's sidekick today and Ben's the next day or vice versa. In short, he's got no loyalty other than to himself.

2. Sunny the Snake
Someone who appears very religious but pardon me, in the name of God, i hate his religiosity. I can see him in the church, i can see him in religious affairs but goodness, is he attending these ceremonies for the purpose of earning indulgences? Maybe he's making up for his wrongdoings too, that's why. He's got a sweet tongue too! He could convince people with his arguments and he could convince the higher officials that he's not the snake. Tsk, tsk, who convinced Eve to eat the apple anyway? He'll bite and eat and hibernate when he's full. In short, he'll acquire wealth for himself and will eventually remain deaf and blind with the problems of the hospital. I just hope i'll see him in the streets of China someday and be eventually made into a delicacy so that he could be of use to others. He's Ben's best enemy.

3. Ben the Baboon
If i were to describe a baboon, it's a large, loud monkey. Even encarta describes it as someone who's rude, unintelligent, clumsy or uncultured. This is where Ben fits in. He may have a lot of ideas and plans for this jungle but goodness, he's not thinking first before these ideas come out of his mouth. He's got poverty of words, errr i mean poverty of intelligible words for most of those that come out of his mouth were pardon me, nothing but crap. He may have good intentions but he doesnt know how to put these stuffs into action. He serves as the guardian of the jungle against those predators ive earlier mentioned but he just doesnt know how to find the proper venue to implicate them. Equipped with his long snout, he's fond of babbling to hear himself out. He's Sunny's long-time contender to the throne and his bitter half.

4. Bry the Crocodile
He was at first, Sunny's good friend. They cover up for each other in their corruptions. Im thinking that there was an unequal sharing that happened here causing him to blow the whistle against his old friend. He eventually changed allegiance and joined Ben's side. Together, they hit the one on the throne with their media campaigns thinking that the higher officers will not hear them. They were eventually heard and it was not just Sunny who was relieved from his position but the two of them too. He's got a thicker skin than Eri and harder too. In short, he could perform his evil ways without just shame but without fear too.

There are still a lot of characters in this jungle where i am in but these four top my list so im giving them the limelight here. In my four years of existence in this place, they made my stay colorful and dramatic. Character assassination, mudslinging, verbal arguments, these made our Tuesday conferences exciting. Oh well, Tuesdays are boring now without Sunny and Ben picking on each other. With only Eri left, who always takes the spotlight, I always make sure to keep an anti emetic handy. Most of the time though, it's quite beneficial to attend the conference with an empty stomach.


snglguy said...

Hmm, where there are wild animals -- elephants especially --- there should be poachers. aren't there any in the hospital who would gladly turn them into wall decors? ;-)

AngelMD-No-More said...

hahaha i dont think they'll look gud as wall decors sngl. their mere presence esp of the elephant makes me puke! kidding!