Thursday, December 29, 2005

Welcoming the Year Right

In a few hours, i will be going again on a 24-hour duty. What's so unusual with this duty however is that it falls on the last day of the year. In short, i'll be finding myself in the hospital when the year ends. Woohooo! What a good thing to end 2005 and to welcome 2006...going on a 24-hour duty!

For the record, this will be the first time that i'll be spending new year in a hospital. Well, i'm trying to comfort myself that there are still more new year celebrations in a hospital to come...the one that i'll be doing later is just a teaser. What can i do? I'm just "fortunate" enough that my schedule fell on a new year. What's the big fuss anyway? After all the fireworks, the noise, the merrymaking and partying, it'll be just an ordinary day. Work will always be there and there's no way to escape it. Unless i wouldnt need the money to support myself and pay my bills, it's so easy to resign.hehe

Letting my talent in rationalization work, this is the life that i chose and i must learn to adapt to it. No holidays, no new years, no special seasons for me. People die anytime for the angel of death doesnt observe any holidays at all. Therefore, I must be available when i am needed. Maybe this is my calling - always ON-CALL actually.

Goodness, what right do i have to complain? I might be going on duty later half-heartedly, but this is unbecoming for a doctor like me to do so. I might put my patient's life in jeopardy if i do. Well, i've got seven more hours to internalize this and to really convince myself to go on duty wholeheartedly. Right now, while i am trying to convince myself to go on duty with my whole heart, i'm thinking about superman, daredevil, the xmen, batman, spiderman, all marvel comics superheroes (so as not to miss anyone), panday, kristala, darna and captain barbel included. These people have something in them. They too save lives, even in the most unholy hour.
They're superheroes alright and i am not. But it's not their strength that counts nor the superpowers that they possess. It's their unconditional service to the needy, 24/7, no holidays, no noon breaks, that matters most. I am not super doc, but this is the only thing that i could offer starting tomorrow and in the years to come.

Okay, despite the fact that i'll be thinking about other people welcoming the new year with merrymaking, while i on the other hand might be resuscitating someone who's dying, i just have to take comfort with the fact that i'm welcoming the year right. For the new year, "I'M SAVING LIVES."

Yer right, cel! Go on, comfort yourself.


you-know-who said...

wish i spent it with u. tani nalukpan na lng k para kapaospital man k...=)

AngelMD said...

hehe you wish!