Thursday, December 22, 2005

Remembered in Blue

OMG! I was thinking that all the while, i'm done with my Christmas shopping. Little did i know that there are still a few people i forgot to buy gifts for. Aaaargh! I really found it hard searching for gifts. Aside from time constraints, budget is also a consideration. Better when i was not yet earning and working, i have all the time to shop for gifts and all the time to make personalized ones. Now that i have the capacity to buy these gifts i dont have enough time to buy them.

I usually make personalized gifts, remembering the person's likes, favorites or hobbies. Frankly speaking, not that i am not grateful in receiving a gift, but i really appreciate the ones that are well researched and worked hard for by the giver - yep! no matter how cheap it is. What will i do with those mugs - i received several of it last year. Maybe i could drink coffee from one mug, water in the other and softdrinks on another one. I received candles last year enough to burn the whole hospital too! Nevertheless, it's the thought that counts. I just have to take comfort in the fact that someone remembered me.

I hate Christmas shopping. Shopping for gifts tires me. Aside from the fact that i am left drained in budget, i also am drained in energy since I always try my best to really look for something that i could associate with the person i'm going to give the gift for. No matter how tired i am however, knowing that my gift is appeciated and receiving a gift from someone who also did the same thing i do, are enough to lift the tiredness away.

Yesterday, an intern of mine passed by the out-patient department to give me something. It was a cute, wooden, powder blue colored handfan. The thought that i am remembered touched me but to read this dedication: "I remember you when i see blue," now this is heartwarming.

Oh how i love to go on Christmas shopping. Anyone?

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