Thursday, December 08, 2005

Toxic in Pink

Aaaaaargh! It's 2 am! It's 2 am and yet i havent changed into my scrubs yet. As of the last count, we already have 20 admissions and F-I-V-E interdepartmental referrals. Seldom can one receive such number of referrals in a 24-hour duty. Just came back from the wards. I had my hospital touring too - just like what the security guards i've met in the corridors were doing. It seems that the only department i didnt receive referrals from are the Department of Pediatrics and Laboratory.

I started this morning quite fine. People have been telling me that i look good in my pink blouse. "Pretty in pink" they say. I was tempted to disagree. "Pretty" was an understatement. Goodness! When i'm toxic and sleepy, i tend to have delusions at times.

My cabinet's almost colored blue. In short, most of my clothes are either tints or shades of blue. The reason i guess why other people have been praising me for looking good in pink is because they're used in seeing me clad in blue. When people started to comment that i look good in pink, I started to love pink. Since this morning, i started to feel comfortable wearing pink.

Too comfortable that until now, at 2 in the morning, when everyone else's has changed into his/her scrubs, i still am wearing this pink blouse. Waaaah, i really need to freshen up now.

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