Thursday, April 19, 2007

Thank You

If you're a regular reader of this crap...err i mean blog, you might notice this button at the bottom of this page.

If you have no idea what this is, i installed this thing to keep track of those who get to read my posts. If you'll be asking me for reasons why? I too dont know why. I just happen to hop into one friend's blogsite and found this link. Might as well have this one too in my own site, so i thought. Actually, i became amazed by my visitors when i started to check on my sitemeter. People from the us, canada (shawcable communications? do i know you? =p), middle east, australia, and my beloved philippines became my regular visitors. I dont even have any idea of who you are guys. All i can see in my sitemeter are your domain names and location.

Anyhow just some warning. This blogsite isnt meant to entertain you or to let you feel good in anyway for this is actually my trash bin. Some negative thoughts or energies that arent meant to be shared with the people around me are all poured here. If by some fate however that you were brought here, my apologies. I am in no way deliberately destroying your peace of mind. I have no intentions to dishearten you or to dampen your spirits. What you can read here are products of human emotions. Of course, i am trying to be humorous sometimes. Hell, humor is my most mature coping mechanism, i cant live without it.

After this very long introduction, what am i just trying to say is that, thanks for dropping by.

You guys are my counselors. In your silence, you share with my deepest emotion.

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