Friday, April 20, 2007

Cut the Crap

It's the 20th of the month and tomorrow's supposed to be the 21st. The third pay week. However, twas just yesterday when our salary was released. This should have been given out on the 14th or the 15th of the month. In other words, since tomorrow's a weekend, we'll have to wait for next week for another week of pay. By that time, it would be the 23rd already. Another 2 days of delay in our week's pay.

Hearing me talk about this thing would definitely make you suspect of my dire need for money. In fact, I am single, living with my parents, and have not one dependent. Where in the world will i be using my money then? Why the hell am i so concerned with our delayed salary? A delay of 3 or 4 days wouldnt be a big deal at all actually. Why am i ranting about it then?

This post isnt about myself at all. Fact is, I survived my 1st 3 months of work in this hospital - unpaid. Which reminds me...where did that money, (of almost 3 months) for the said item i applied to, go when it was not granted to me? Fortunately, my parents were patient enough to provide for my daily allowance. They might have programmed themselves that i'll be having a prolonged adolescence. Heard not one complain when after the boards, i still was asking baon from them despite of being employed. Goodness! I am one lucky soul.

As for this blog? This is for the manongs and manangs who work in this hospital. This is for the nurses and the helpers. The silent majority who receive only a fraction of my salary. Those who raise 4 kids the least, all of which are studying. Those who are already buried in loans and debts before the payday. Those who have no other option but to borrow money from the "collector's guild" that gives them an interest of as high as 20%. Imagine how a 3 or 4 days of delay would affect them. By payday, their money will just pass by their hands for it'll end up with the "vulture's" who are already waiting outside of the cashier's building. I even witnessed one helper who have six kids, one of which was very sick (now dead), receiving just a hundred pesos for a week's claim because of a lot of deductions. On the contratry, I received more than 20x of what he'd got. I was taken aback.

This delay in our monthly salary distributions has been happening in this institution eversince. What's the problem with those who prepare the payroll? Isnt the payroll just their only concern? What's happening to the money that's supposedly be given out on time if not for the delay in the release of the payroll? Is it true that some people benefit from it? That some people gain bank interests out of it? This is quite a sensitive topic to talk about in this venue however. I too dont have enough data to validate this story. What i am more concerned now is the job performance of every employee of this crap hospital. If the helpers or nurses are reprimanded for a poor performance, why arent those who are responsible for the payroll berated for a delayed payday? If the doctors and nurses who are more harrassed here (i'm speaking not because i am one of them), are strictly monitored for their work, why are those people in the payroll left on their own?

This place really is full of crap. I can count with my fingers, and toes included, the number of people who work efficiently well here. If i am only given the power to exterminate...err i mean terminate those who arent useful in the government, i shall start in this institution. I realized that it isnt just our patients who are exploited here. The helpers, nurses and doctors included should also be in the list. But really, speaking of extermination, a former colleague and i had plans for mass annihilation - Schindler's list movie inspired.

What can i do however? For four years here, i have started to develop my horns. This gave me the confidence to attack anybody who have done me wrong. I am no vigilante though. I am just a mere resident. Someone who's temporary and who's not going to stay. Besides, this former colleague of mine already left this place. Half of the plan was with him. Also, should i lead the complain alone, i could see noone behind my back. I could picture out myself in front of the pack with one arm raised, clenched fist, shouting for an injustice - ALL ALONE. The pack, silent, only looking at me, unconcerned, appreciating my best actress performance...woohoot!

I realized that these people whom i am representing are quite adjusted to this kind of system already. If not, someone must have lead the pack a long time ago to correct this inefficiency. These people were here for years. I have been here for just 4 years - not even qualified to apply for a longetivity claim. What the crap am i ranting about here then? I, fighting for an injustice yet the aggrieved party remained to be apathetic? What is there to fight for? For whom will i be fighting for? For their family? For their kids? Heck! They cant even fight for themselves.

Oh self, cut the crap! Back to your autistic mode. It's more peaceful when you're in your own world.


snglguy said...

It's so sad and yet at the same time, infuriating, to know what's happening to this country's public health system. Imagine, the government's medical budget for each citizen won't even buy you a decent meal at your neighborhood turo-turo. Where the hell do our tax money go anyway? Oh and by the way, it's a forgone conclusion that someone IS making money out this...

Thanks for linking me, Angel. Mind if I link you up also? ;-)

AngelMD said...

ey luk who's we got here? thnx for dropping by snglguy.=) link me up? if u want a daily dose of rantings and whinings, i wont mind at all.=)

speaking of taxes, gudness, do we have to ask wer our taxes go? i guess those campaign ads on tv that consume a lot of airtime and those posters that really are eyesores are enuf to tell us wer.tee-hee!

as for our health system? this blog of mine tells it all.=(