Sunday, April 15, 2007


A few days ago, i was surprised by the batch of junior interns who have just graduated. I know that a number of them could read this entry. Anyhow, let this be a venue to thank them too.

I need not mention what happened, but it was really my honor to have attended their graduation ball. I feel so indebted to them for several reasons. First, i was made to realize that an ordinary gesture for me would be extraordinary for others. I was just doing what i was expected to do and to be recognized for such was quite a big deal for me. I am used to receiving expressions of gratitude from others. Been serving a government-ran institution for almost 4 years. Being thanked at however to the point that it made me feel that someone owes me something is a different story. It becomes a responsibility for me...something that i have to live up to.

Second, i was exposed to a group of interns who i guess stands out above their peers. Future doctors who would change the medical practice here in town. I've worked with them for a year and another year for some of them. I've seen them in their high's and low's and ive witnessed how they treated their patients. Majority of them have a heart for service. This made them different from the rest. As one of their resident's who wouldnt be honored to have worked with them?

Well, to those of you who could read this, i just would like to thank you too. It is not just you who are indebted to me, but i owe you guys a lot too. You were instruments on how i could give back to my alma mater its goodness to me. More like a "paying it forward" thingie. I just hope that when you become residents too in the future, you'll always put in mind what makes you different among others. I dont want to sound so patriotic here, but i guess our alma mater has embedded in us something that makes us different. Remember that you'll become doctors too. Doctors who are best in your field and with a heart.


Rhea Joy Tabujara said...

ma! i told you before d ba? na you may think that what you have done was just nothing extraordinary...but let me tell you this, your simple act have been my inspiration to pursue my career and my dream of helping the poorest of the i wish i can be like you...a renegade and an angel...seriously...
aside from the lessons you've been teaching me sa ER or sa conf. room,you have taught me how to be more responsible with actions, you have showed me the true meaning of service...working without expecting something in return, friendship...kag damo pa...
i feel so lucky that at some point in my life i have known you...and i thank God for that!
Basta ma! thanks a may tell me again na im so kulit k permi lg ko ga pa thank you, but tuod na ya!
I salute you ma!!! tani mka-upod ta work someday!!!


AngelMD said...

haha im speechless...of cors, of cors, we'll gonna put up another missionaries of charity...hehe remember that action begets a reaction...if i have been good to u guys is because u were good too...keep it up!

opao said...

abaw ang mag-iloy! hay sus. o sha, sha, cge na, let me see a big hug! hehe

kidding aside doc, thanks too.. for being sooo good to us. for being such an inspiration to many.. and thanks too, for encouraging us and for being a dear friend to and a just mentor to us..

thank you.

im looking forward to working with you in our beloved hospital. hehe

AngelMD said...

haha i guess i have to "stop these F***ing tears"...actually, the pleasure is all my mine. kids, dont let this blog be a venue for our melodramas.hehe

ill see u in may. wen u get back, ill be treating u as kids no longer but as real, mature, responsible doctors...wat's dat MD after ur name for by the way? =P