Friday, April 27, 2007

Pest Control

As the appointed "elder" of the six renegades of the department, i am always called to the office of the chief of clinics for meetings. While waiting for the other "elders", i seated myself at the meeting table. In front of me were different letters from different offices addressed to the chief of clinics. I didnt care about those letters except for this draft that's staring at me. The one who wrote it must have taken the seat i was currently occupying.

We'll be having a graduation for the hospital interns this upcoming week. As a tradition, the interns' graduation is held in a hotel. For this year, due to lack of budget (which almost always is the case), the current interns shall graduate at the hospital hall instead. It is nice to note that this month, the hospital fed almost all of its employees during the blessing of a new infrastructure in the compound. That budget was supposed to be alloted for the interns' graduation - as the hospital "buzzers" would say.

Heck i dont care where they'll be holding the graduation. I dont even care where they took the money for the activity i previously mentioned. The gist of this blog is that finally, the interns shall graduate in a hotel. A budget was requested. The draft that i saw in front of me was the budget proposal for the said activity. It contained the exact date, time and venue of the said graduation. What bothered me the most however, which even gave me doubts if i'll be attending was this heading:

Environmental Sanitation and Pests and Rodents Control Seminar

No wonder the rats here in our wards are as big as the cats that roam around here and that the sanitation is very apt for a hospital in a 3rd world country.

I wouldnt be surprised too why the pests and rodents here became administrators and employees.


snglguy said...

Well, as long as there are rodents of the sewer kind representing your hometown in congress, you can expect the same kind of furry pests running a public hospital...

And I'm not talking about Mickey Mouse either... :-D

AngelMD said...

maybe ure referring to master splinter?hehe