Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sick...Weather Sick

I'm on a weekend off. Nah! Dont be too excited for me. I still have to report to the hospital, make rounds with my patients and supervise my junior . The off doesnt mean i'm totally OUT of the hospital. It's just that i was off from a 24-hr duty. It's been 3 years that i havent experienced being off from the hospital even for just a day. Except of course when i went on a force leave. That whole week away from the hospital was like heaven to me. Away from the sick and the dying, not exposed to the beasts of the jungle and of course far from the crap hospital that makes me sick.

Fact is, im feeling sick. It's a subjective feeling alright. Physically, im afebrile and it's just the weather that raises my temperature to a febrile state. A 36 degrees on the thermometer? Heck it feels like 38! I dont feel like getting out of the car. I dont want to leave an airconditioned room. I dont even want to get out of the water when im already in the tub. Sheesh! I guess this supports my claim that i really am a mermaid! Aside of course from the fact that i love the beach, i dont eat big fishes (blue marlin, etc), and did i say i love the beach?

Emotionally, im not having any hang ups and finally, noone's stirring up my peace. I just want to feel sick maybe? I wanted to call in sick tomorrow for my duty. I dont feel like moving a limb. I just wanted to lie down on my bed and sleep the whole day. Or sit on my chair in front of this panel and blog or chat all day. I dont want to see sick people. I dont want to pronounce a death. I dont want to smell the hospital. I dont want to hear an ambulance coming.

Whew! Sometimes, this kind of weather dries up the csf that bathes my brain. I didnt realize that this humidity could cause such behavioral changes. I was feeling ok with my work this morning and why this sudden change of mood? It's hot! It's humid! Take note it's nighttime but it still feels like the sun is still up. The aircon's not enough. I feel like cramping myself inside the freezer. If only Alaska's just a few minutes away.=(

Aaaaargh! This calls for a bubble bath!

Ey mom! Can i sleep in the tub?

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