Tuesday, December 30, 2008

With Open Arms

Another year's about to end and with it is the closing of another chapter in my career. I'm done with residency training! Woohoo! After four long years...ummm, a few months in addition, I'm done with training - NOT! Huwaaat?hehehe I'm just comforting myself people. I'm just done with residency training. As I close this chapter, I'm bound to another chapter of my career. Tadaaan! God-willing, that would be another two years of subspecialty training! Ugh!

So maybe you guys are counting now. After two years of nursery, six years of grade school, four years of high school, four years of college, four years of medical school, one year of internship and four years of residency, now another two years of subspecialty, you might ask,"When will I earn the bucks?" or "When will I stop asking bucks from my parents?" or "When will family life come in here?" or "When will I stop training?" etcetera etcetera. This, my friends, is the gist of the life of a doctor minus the toxicity and drama of every 24-hr sleep-deprived duties.

Why am I counting all these years? Counting all these years is like counting all my blessings! I didn't mean to sound melodramatic here but who would have thought that my parents could support me all these times? Imagine a newly-wed couple who even borrowed money from their parents after their wedding for a jeepney fare? That's how my parents started their family life. Yet, they were able to send all four of us to school! Who else deserves the gratitude first but them.

Next in line would be my teachers, mentors, consultants. I will not be able to earn this degree, treat the sick or touch a life without them. More than anyone else, they deserve the honor for selflessly devoting their time and knowledge in molding young doctors like me.

My alma maters would come in next. The public grade school I came from and the Greeney University where I got my secondary to Medical education. I will never forget the virtues of faith, hope and love that it inculcated in my being. These are the weapons that I brought along as I journeyed on in life.

Friends who have been with me all the way. I don't make enemies but I only have a few friends...very close ones. People who knew the autistic side of me and believed that I could do great things despite of being figuratively, petite.

My understanding family. We just had our family reunion on my maternal side this afternoon and I met all the people who have been supportive to me if not financially, emotionally. My siblings who were there to cheer me up when toxicity overpowers me.

Fellow bloggers who followed this blog and read all my trash. You just don't know how refreshing it is to unload my burden here especially when I was still in training. Reading your comments make me in a way in touch with the cyberworld. It lightens my spirit and helped me going.

Angels who disguised in other people's form just so to help me in my life's journey. Include my patients who were also my mentors. Of course to never forget some difficult and unreasonable patient's folks. They taught me lessons on patience and tolerance. I couldn't remember a time in my 30 years of existence that I really felt so down. There would always be someone who will help make life a bit kinder to me. Yep! Even in the midst of difficult and unreasonable patient's folks.hehe

Who would forget the Great Architect who holds His office Upstairs? That Big Guy Upstairs who pampered me all throughout my existence. Who made life beautiful for me. If I worry over things like my upcoming exam or my subspecialty training it's because I'm thinking that I might not be able to do those difficult things well knowing how pampered I am. He has been making ways for me all the time and I can't even understand what's with me that He makes me feel so loved. Oh well, since I mentioned His love for me, this would be enough to throw all those worries away. Face the next year and next chapter of my life with open arms. Bring them on!

Happy New Year Everyone! Hope this New Year would remind us how truly blessed and loved we are.


Rudy said...

That picture of the altar... is it what I think? Or just a subconscious wish from you? Happy new Year to you and your family, angel. :-)

Garando said...

I always wondered what "morphine" really meant. At first, I thought you were really taking it (since you probably have easy access to it anyway. LOL!)

So BF gali! Ok, in that case Garandee is my Clusivol for kids. She's the reason why my appetite grew this big.

Happy new year to you and your family!! :)

AngelMD-No-More said...

rudy: hahaha it's the altar sngl! see that statue "with open arms?"hahaha alright, i guess i need to change the pic. I might be misinterpreted.hahaha

garando: hahaha im not an addict manong!hahaha im calling him such because this is in relation to a previous post of mine: http://voxcaelestis.blogspot.com/2008/04/it-not-just-morphine.html
haha clusivol?hahaha appebon would be better...it's also an appetite stimulant.hahaha happy new year to u and garandee too!

sheng said...

Well, I cannot call my hubby my appebon, ugh, it would seem to be very literal, ummm, personal brand of heoine? Okies, twilight drama, haha, but doc, I love this post, we should all start counting blessings, not only what we have received in 2008 but in our lifetime. Say Hi to your morphine from me, who knows when i visit Bacolod this year, we might see each other... I really thought i would be reading wedding plans here, teehee!

askal said...

actually angelMD had a very hard time contemplating whether it would be morphine or bisacodyl(a leverage to her pressures and pains).... and she made an excellent choice...hehehehehe
joke lang!

AngelMD-No-More said...

sheng: haha i laughed at that line when i heard that from edward cullen.haha wedding plans? What's that?hehehe kidding!

askal: hahaha tawa k ah! i dont need bisacodyl tep! actually there's also nubain, lidocaine, diphen...but ure right. morphine is the best choice.