Friday, December 26, 2008

What's With "W"?

I'm having a break from Harrison's. This is in response to Garando's letter "W".hehe Just by the title alone, I already have 3 W's. Does this mean that I only need to post 7 things/names that start with W?hehe

1. Washington's Manual of Medical Therapeutics - another textbook that helped me through residency training
2. Webster's dictionary - i could remember it well that we were asked to bring this to school when i was in grade school. Pocket dictionaries were not allowed. Boy was it so heavy! (of course I omitted Merriam just so i could come up with a W...hehe)
3. Whoah! - one of my fave expressions
4. Whatever yaya ! - watch Bubble gang and you'll find out why this too is another fave of mine. Match this with upward rolling of eyeballs and a "W" hand sign.hehehe
5. Winston - my morphine's older brother.haha (nandamay ng iba.)
6. Westlife - one of the boy bands I liked as influenced by my baby sister.hehe
7. www. - can i count this as 3 entries?hehehe made life less boring for me.hehe
8. ward - one thing that I'm missing right now. Ironic but i miss the toxicity of residency.hahaha
9. Wilson - the brand of my tennis racket that's 16 years old already and is still functional.hehehe
10. WAIS - this is what Garando is. He didn't give me an X or a Z but he gave me a W.hahaha Peace, manong!

Now back to our regular programming...=)

obviously, I love to show my reliable and dependable pairs in this blog. They deserve to be given credits here. I couldn't make rounds in the wards without them.hehe


Rudy said...

Hmm, nice feet. Next time, yung hands mo naman ang kunan mo. hehe. :-D Merry Christmas Angel, and here's to a prosperous year ahead...

AngelMD-No-More said...

rudy: haha natawa naman ako dun. i would surely need a hand to take photos of my hands...ano ba yun? tongue-twister?hehe salamat sa pagbati sa kin ng prosperous new year dahil alam kong mamumulubi ako sa subspecialty training.hahaha a blessed new year ahead sngl!=)

Garando said...

Galing! hahaha. See what "W" can do? For a brief moment there, you weren't stressed out by Harrison!

sheng said...

Ummm, please, no X or Z... hahaha... Nice list here... Son you've been playing tennis since when?

AngelMD-No-More said...

garando: hahaha ure right manong. i started to think of other things other than Harrison's.hehehe

sheng: for u sheng, ill give u a Y.hehe i started playing when i was in 2nd yr high school but not regularly na after i graduated fr highschool. Which explains why my racket is not that worn-out.hehehe