Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Peaceful Christmas to Everyone!

For the holidays, all I wish for is Peace. Peace of mind and peace of heart. I guess by the number of blogs (a.k.a. trash) that I've posted just for this month, you can tell that I do need some peace. Peace from what? Aaaargh! It's the specialty board exam! And it's exactly a month from now! Pressure! Pressure!

Anyway, hope you'll find peace in these pictures. Took them on my flight to Bangkok early this year. Been wanting to take pictures of clouds while in a flight but I only have my camera phone with me all the time. Yep! A law abiding citizen that I am, I didn't attempt to turn my phone on even if it has a flight mode (which unfortunately is not allowed too...why the heck is this function added to our phones by the way?). Equipped with a digicam on my trip, I savored the moment of taking these cloudscapes. (Subtext: Picture me drooling over those cloud formations.)


My favorite. I'm using this as my wallpaper for Taffy and my fone.


sheng said...

I love the second from the last pic, looks like like yummy white marshmallows...or snow covered lands! Take it easy doc, God bless on the specialty exams, what is the specialization? I might need you when I encounter health problems soon... hahaha.

Garando said...

Those are some nice photos of clouds! Garandee does exactly the same thing whenever we're on a plane (besides taking photos of airline food... she's such a blogger!) :D
Merry Christmas to you and your family AngelMD!

AngelMD-No-More said...

sheng: hehe i feel like jumping off the plane when i saw those marshmallow-like clouds...nopes im not suicidal.hehehe it's internal medicine...oh, i never wished that ull be one of my patients in the future. it's hard to manage friends and relatives that's why i would always wish you guys to be well.hehehe

AngelMD-No-More said...

garando: hahaha ive got photos of food too!hehe well, my autistic alter ego would always prefer to be behind the camera. having a dslr cam is one of my wishes...ill just wait for miniature and light-weight ones if there are any in the future.hehehe