Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What's With the G?

So I'm joining the meme thing in blogosphere. Got this from Sheng and she gave me the letter G! I have to give her 10 names or things that starts with G....okay now, I'm thinking....

1. G - my middle initial (hehehe as if i'm really maintaining my hidden identity here.)
2. G - my department chairman's family name
3. God - i can always rely upon
4. good girl - this is what i always am especially when i'm asking something from the previous entry.
5. geriatric - most of my patients are
6. Garando - my highschool big brother.hahahaha sorry manong couldnt think of anything more
7. Garandee - Garando's that makes 2 entries already...leaving me with only 3 more
8. good time - this is what i always do when i get bored being an autistic...mang good time ng ibang tao. wicked me!hehehe
9. Gabriel - the name i would like to have for my son...he's my guardian angel too based on the day i was born.
10. Grems (for Gremlin) - my nickname in our peer group. The rest are Manang (for manananggal), Bampi (Bampira), Were (Werewolf), and Miswa (Aswang)...weird name for a weird group I guess.hehe


Garando said...

I was laughing when I saw Garando and Garandee! Glad to know that we saved you two "G's"! LOL! :D

AngelMD-No-More said...

garando: hahaha thanks thanks for ur pseudonames!hehehe madaya ka! u gave me a W!hehe

sheng said...

Haha, nice list here, I smiled at good time, gawain ko rin yan minsan, hehe.

AngelMD-No-More said...

sheng: hehe do i have to answer garando's meme too? it's a W!haha