Monday, September 04, 2006


Was reading our department's bible awhile ago, (I'm refering to Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine that is), when i suddenly felt strange. I had the urge to read, take note: voraciously read, the chapter that i was reading. What's normal for me is that i usually feel my eyes getting heavy that they would almost drop into the pages that i'm reading. In no time, i'll be in dreamworld, sleeping beside my unfinished reading and uncapped marker pen. A few minutes ago, I was in the momentum of my reading thinking that i could finish the chapter (which unusually happens). Well, the unusual happens unusually of course. For instead of finishing the whole chapter, here i am in front of this monitor posting this blog! (blog addict, eh!hehe)

Nah! What i just would like to say here is that, that something strange i felt meant not just for my urge to read. I also had the urge to blog for i felt that there's a need for me to do it. Tonight, for my bedtime prayer, that is through this post, i just would like to say Thank You to the Big Guy upstairs!

A sudden gush of cold wind coming in from my bedroom window reminded me of His presence. In an instance i felt warm tears flowing from my eyes. No, I'm not in pain. I'm in my "happiest mode" actually. Tears of joy. Tears of thankfulness. These are what those tears are for. I am once again reminded how blessed i am. I am once again reminded how loved i am.

Hakuna matata! No worries. This is my mantra right now. After lifting up my life unto Him, my past and my still to be revealed future, i worry no more. Thankful, loved, worry-free, happy! What more can i ask for? These are the best feelings to have in order to maintain my being a "grace under pressure."


Tina Elaine said...

he has his ways of reminding us. :) godspeed. :)

AngelMD said...

yep! yep! i couldnt jaz imagine how loving He is tin..hehe