Thursday, September 28, 2006

Bringing Home the Glory

Went home late last night that's why this post's quite overdue. Last night was quite memorable for me and for our co-residents. After several years of being the "underdogs", we claimed the glory in the Interhospital Quiz Bowl. Nah, it's not that the other hospitals treated us as underdogs. It's just that being the most toxic residents in the city with regards to the number of admissions that we have every duty, the other residents have at least more time to study than us.

As for the going home late, our chairman treated us at a videoke bar. Saw how happy and proud he was (or was it just alcohol?hehe). No matter how tired i was last night because of my from duty status, i still have the energy to wake up early and report to the hospital. Every effort paid off. Even my toxic duty was forgotten. We have proven to ourselves that we could also make it to the top.

Another quizbowl is coming and this time, it'll be the regional. More hospitals are joining and ive heard that the contestants of other hospitals no longer go on duty. Look at us however. We still go on every other duty sometimes. Well, our experiences and toxicities would serve as a challenge and inspiration. I just have to remember that every patient that i admit is already one of nature's props in reviewing us for the upcoming big event.

If we brought home the glory last September, i just hope that we could bring home the glory this November too. Oh well, being the underdogs, we can never lose what we never had (the glory that is). All we have to do is to play it well, enjoy the fight, and better if we'll go home victorious...and oh, dont forget another videoke victory party which is i am more excited of.hehe

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