Saturday, April 15, 2006

What Lies Ahead

Well, i havent posted a blog for quite some time. Blame it on my writer's block (if i do consider myself a writer), or blame it on my current status. Yep! Not that i am preoccupied with whatever (like lovelife as what you might be expecting) aside from my current residency training. Actually, it's the residency training still that consumes much of my time. With great power lies great responsibility as what they say. I have posted in my previous blog that i was expecting for an April fool's joke when April started. I was informed that i am to assume a senior resident position at 2nd year. Thus, going on duty as a senior caused me to be more voracious with my readings...even if i have a difficulty doing it.

At this time, i am quite worried about the next year. What lies ahead of me? No senior to refer to, the last in the heirarchy. Our chairman emphasized just this morning that what puts us in the upper ground over our juniors is our knowledge. Im wondering if i have such knowledge to assume the upper ground he was refering to. I must never let my eyes off from my books! Goodness to this extent? Exaggeration as it may sound but i can feel the burden.

God, im dealing with lives here. I know that i need to read and i must read. Goodbye netsurfing, goodbye friendster, goodbye blogging, goodbye that it? I just hope that whatever lies ahead of me, i still could breath fresh air. I could say goodbye to all of these except for one thing...blogging's my air...i could never deprive myself of this commodity.

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