Sunday, April 02, 2006

April Fool's

It's my first day at work after my so-called forced leave. Was full of energy, full of enthusiasm, full of life for my duty today. Was just surprised to know however upon reaching the hospital that starting today, the 1st day of April, i'll be going on duty now as a senior resident. For the whole 24-hours, it'll just be my 1st yr co-resident, the junior interns, the post-graduate intern and me. No more senior to refer to, all referrals end with me. I was expecting that this was a joke. Can i take such big responsibility? Can i handle all referrals that will be thrown at me? My seniors would definitely not allow this kind of set up this early. I'm just in the 4th month of my 2nd year training.

The whole day, I was expecting that i could hear..."Gotcha cel! April fool's!" Well, it's already the 2nd, April fool's over, it's 3 in the morning yet i heard not this punchline. Reality check, I'm really going on duty as a senior resident now. What to do? What to read? How would i act?

Nah! Proper question is, "What more can i do?" Now that i've plunged in and all wet, i just have to enjoy and swim. Besides, if i really am determined to be an internist, an Internist is always ready...and even if she is not, she will try her best to be.

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