Monday, April 24, 2006

This Too Shall Pass

I dont know how to describe what i feel right now. Little things tend to irritate me. I am transforming into an old, grouchy, grumpy, spinster i never ever dreamt becoming. I feel that the people and the world around me are crap...all crap. I seem not to find pleasure in whatever that i do. Actually, I am too timid to move and do something. My room's a mess, my working table looks like a tsunami-disaster-area yet, I have no interest in fixing things up.

I wanted to be alone with myself, away from the people, away from the noisiness of this city. In other words, i just want to get lost. I am once again in my self-induced depression. Even blogging isnt at all interesting. I wanted to post this for i just want to let this thing out of my system. is this time of the month again that im having that hormonal surge. Why on earth am i experiencing this monthly PMS? I just wish i have a 6-month menstrual cycle!

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