Saturday, February 07, 2009

The Enlightened Bum

I have been whining about my "bumminess" here. Alright, there's no such word in the English dictionary but it's just another word in my vocabulary, for being a bum is currently my business. A week has passed and I'm still a bum. This time though, an enlightened bum. Today, I felt that I can do great things despite of being a bum. I realized that I can make extraordinary things out of this ordinary and boring life that i currently have.

Today, I'm highlighting entry #13 in my Revised 49 Things. There's no such thing as a coincidence but the moment that I felt the urge to fulfill entry #13, I immediately called up the missionary sister that I met once in the hospital and asked for a schedule. The schedule that I have in mind was a Friday and to my surprise, I really am needed for the said day.

So out of my usual extended bedtime, I woke up earlier today for today's mission. Off to the Missionaries of Charity I went for a free clinic. Kids and adults were there waiting in a queue for free medications. It's their dispensary day and the nuns there were giving out free anti tuberculosis medications for indigents patients. It's my second time in that place but seeing the nuns and the patients all together, I fell in love with the place all over again. I'm sorry. I didn't take pics. I just don't feel like it. I mean...I don't find it proper. I abhor individuals who go to medical missions or charity works for photo ops. Also, if it's for blogging purposes, I respect the privacy of the residents and patients of the said institution. Enough for rationalizations now for not having a pic to post here. Alright, I took a pic! Just one pic. I find these kids cute. Look at them seated on a high chair that can accommodate 5 kids! (picture edited for privacy reasons again)

I get to see a number of patients. After that, one of the nuns there toured me around the area. I felt different when I was there. Here I am, a bum, meeting other fellow bums. Yet these bums helped me realize a lot of things. I may be temporarily out of job but here I am, in the midst of the "real" unemployed. There were adults there too. Left by their families under the care of the nuns there. These kids have parents actually but their parents can't support them. In this place though, they can eat three square meals a day plus afternoon snacks. They have a warm, clean bed to lay their backs and they have "mothers" who take care of them.

When I asked the nuns on how they could sustain their residents there? They rely on Divine Providence, was their answer. Truly, Divine Providence manifested right before my very eyes. While consulting a patient, an SUV entered the compound and the woman driver asked one of the helpers to take the two sacks of rice from the car. She's a regular benefactor according to the nuns. The medications there too were in gallons and in bulk. Most came from donations. The food that the children were eating was a complete meal. Better I'm sure than the ones that they'll be eating in their own homes.

I felt blessed being with them. I may be deprived of employment now, but these people were deprived of a lot of things. The most important of which is the gift of family. All of them including the missionary sisters there were not with their families. The small community that's thriving there though served as one big happy family for each one of them. I have a family to go home to. Food in my table and a warm soft bed. What more can I ask for?

I felt hopeful. Hopeful that everyday, Divine Providence shall come to provide my needs.
Hopeful that everything that's happening in my life is all under the Great Architect's plans for me. Hopeful for the current residents there too. That someday, they may be reunited with their own families.

I felt useful. Despite of claiming that I am bum, I was given the faculties and the ability to treat the sick. Even the talent to make old people and kids laugh. My being unemployed was used by the Great Architect as a blessing to these people. I've been waiting for this experience. It's just that work got in the way. Now that my time is mine, today's an opportunity and I'm glad that I didn't let it pass.

I felt enlightened. It wasn't I who was a blessing to these people. Rather, I was the one who's truly blessed for meeting them. In the silence of my heart, now being immortalized here in this blog, I'm committing myself to serve the community there over and over again...bum or bum-no-longer, it would no longer matter.


Reena said...

Sabi nga nila we find our best qualities during times of hardship. God does things mysteriously, and this time He used you to share your blessings to others. See, there IS a reason why you're a bum these days. :)

I enjoy your post...San nga ba ang City of Smiles? :)

AngelMD-No-More said...

reena: thnx reen...=)the city of smiles is bacolod...home of the masskara festival.hehe

Garando said...

That's such a nice experience, thanks for sharing it with us. I noticed that the missionary sisters are in the same sect as Mother Teresa? Is that right?

sheng said...

This is heartwarming. The experience you had was overwhelming. I am excited, i hope I get to reach out like that too... I feel all the generosity coming out from my heart especially when disasters strike the country. I feel pity for the victims, it's always making me cry.

AngelMD-No-More said...

garando: yep was founded by mother teresa herself.hehe remember i would want to go to calcutta? i'll start in banago (where their place is located) for now.hehe

sheng: the feeling is different when i was there sheng...different even if i get to serve indigent patients too at the hospital...oh, they would always welcome help from you. happy birthday again!hehehe

Rudy said...

Kudos to your work with the indigents. Hmm, baka naman yan talaga ang calling mo, to be one of Mother Theresa's sisters, hehe... oops, I forgot, may bf ka na pala. :-D

BTW, di ko pa pala nagagawa yung tag mo, but will do it one of these days. Am still thinking of what things about me to post, hehe.

AngelMD-No-More said...

rudy: haha di naman prerequisite na never had a boyfriend when you enter the order...hehe about the post, naku take your time po...nandamay lng ako.hehehe

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