Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Prayer Time

It's my 3rd day in training today. I can say that I'm slowly adapting to the system though my legs are complaining already. At present, though I'm making rounds with lesser patients than when I was having my residency training, I'm making rounds in a hospital that's almost 5x the area than the hospital where I came from. I checked earlier how my legs look now. I'm happy to announce that they haven't turned from legs into "logs" yet. When I say logs, they look straight, complete with varicosities. I've got short legs and I couldn't imagine how ugly they'll look if they turn into logs.

I find time to let these legs rest while watching the news and the rest of the primetime dramas. As an expert in multi-tasking too, I use this time to browse on my notes and read up on some topics in my fave book (who else but Morphine's only competitor - Harrison). I have no subspecialty book yet so I'm once again bonding with Harrison.

After this, I proceed with my "prayer time". Multi-tasking again, my prayer time is coupled with another task...

Yep yep! I'm doing my own laundry!!! Mom would be very proud of me once she gets to find this out!hehe I left the comforts of our home for this training and since I'm in a tight budget, I find it wiser if I do the laundry myself. Also, I'm too proud to ask allowance from my parents in this age of mine that I have to live with the meager savings that I have. I guess I've formulated enough rationalizations for not being able to find a nearby laundry shop.hehe

Seriously, I consider this as an achievement too! I wouldn't dare "wash my dirty linens in public"...I mean post about this laundry thing if I'm not proud of what I'm doing.hehehe Though I know how to do the laundry and ironing, I grew up having someone to do these for me. This opportunity right now of living on my own gave me this feeling of "independence and freedom" and this feeling is giving me a high. It's like I could do the extremes. I can be a doctor and an "inday" at the same time. I can diagnose and manage complicated patient's diseases and I too can scrub and squeeze-dry my clothes.

Doing the laundry is a new destressor for me. In between praying and washing, I get to reflect on the events of the day. I get to reflect on my toxicity and at the same time on my blessings. I get to think about my plans in the future and pray about them. I think about the special people who are sent into my life to help me grow and to enjoy life. I tend to forget how tired I was during the day for I still can manage to do my laundry. I also realize that I'm too blessed still despite of my depreciating bank account. Anytime, I can always look for a laundry shop to do my laundry for me. Yet, we have sisters or brothers who can never pass on the job even if they no longer want to do it. These thoughts are enough to help make me feel better and give me a goodnight sleep.


sheng said...

When I was in high school, until college, we also have someone to do the laundry for us, but when I got married, it was me and the hubby doing the laundry all by ourselves, bonding time! I have once suggested to find one that will do it for us, but every Saturdays when we are doing it, we end up doing them ourselves still. I love doing the laundry, because:

I do the laundry together with my hubby. And when he is not around to help me with it, the sweet sHenG is as grumpy as can be.

Doing the laundry is an achievement! Yeah!

Reena said...

hehe. galing naman. i tried doing my own laundry back in college. but i can't wash my pants! ang hirap! eh wala pa naman kaming washing machine sa college apartment ko. :) so i bring my laundry sa house. hehehe...

i like chores that involves water...dishwashing, watering of pants, even cleaning the bathroom...:)

Garando said...

Used to do a lot of my own laundry too when I left home to be independent. I can still remember the first time... I was staring at the bucket not knowing what to do with my clothes soaked in detergent. I dumped both my hands in and mimicked a washing machine.

AngelMD-No-More said...

sheng: how sweet least laundry time is also bonding time for u and ur hubby.hehehe

reena:haha biniro k nga din sis k ipapadala k na lng sa bahay ang mga damit k...thru lbc...hehehe

garando: hahaha you've got big hands manong. it can mimic a real washing machine!hahaha it's really different to be far away from home.hehe

AngelMD-No-More said...
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