Sunday, February 15, 2009


I'm blogging live in Manila!hehehe I'm staying in an apartment without a wireless network and no internet connection. So I went to the mall this afternoon to buy a prepaid internet kit. Unfortunately, or I shall call it FORTUNATELY, the ATM machines had long queues. Also, since it's the day of hearts, the mall was so crowded and it made me sick. Impatient that I am, I didn't push thru with my "impulsive" plan of buying the said kit. Besides, I've been roaming around the mall and almost got lost but I haven't found a store selling the kit I was looking for. Things must have happened for a purpose.

Since I still can't sleep and I miss the cyberworld (addict eto!), the autistic me thought of an idea. Ting! Why not try use my cellfone as a modem? Since I have a prepaid number, I tried using it. I'm afraid that I might not be able to monitor my internet consumption should I use my postpaid line.

I love troubleshooting stuffs and so far, I haven't put something or someone in trouble by tinkering on techie stuffs I'm not familiar with. There's a different adrenaline rush when I can solve and fix things on my own first before asking for professional help.hehehe Tinker here...tinker this button here eventhough I can't understand some of the jargons. They're not found in any medical books you know. Click OK even if I don't understand the command, etcetera and Tadaaaan! My eyes widened when I saw my active connection! I was able to successfully connect to the internet and post this blog! This saved me more than 2,000 bucks for an internet prepaid kit! Read my lips...that's two thousand bucks and that's how big savings it is for a bum like me!hehe

I'm sooooooooooo happy for this new discovery! Woohoo! One disadvantage though. I'm in a hurry posting this blog. I only have a few pesos in my prepaid load and I don't have any idea until when this connection will last.hehehe


sheng said...

U'r in manila! I bet you're looking for greener pasture? Thanks for everything you sent me Cel, you shouldn't have, but am glad you did, hehehe. How did the Vday go? When are u coming back to Bacolod?

Reena said...

wow great! i don't have any talent with gadgets and computers, i depend on IT people on things like this. hehehe

congrats! ayan, make sure nlng siguro that you have enough credits on your prepaid. hehehe...

belated happy vday nga rin pala. tc!!!! have a great sunday!

jj said...

that's great!@!!!

may onomatopoeia gid ya na Ting!?

AngelMD-No-More said...

sheng: ure very much welcome.hehehe im here for the training...will be back in bcd still.hehehe

reena: thnx!hehehe yep! have to reload my prepaid account so that i wont be in a haste blogging.hehe

jj: hahaha im supposed to connect to la cafe's wifi connection...the signal's quite weak though.hehehe