Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Dementors

I am not a Harry Potter fanatic. Fact is, i havent read a single HP book though we have all the seven books here at home. Nah! Dont get me wrong. I am no way against the HP hype. It's just that im not fond of reading fiction novels. I'm more on human interest stories, autobiographies, non-fiction ones. I love HP movies though. Have watched all of it. What im just trying to imply here is that, despite of not laying a finger on HP books, i am familiar with the story and the characters.

What with having two sisters who are HP fanatics? With the way they talk about the book they're reading, you cant help but be amazed how they transformed a hardbound book into a full, vivid, movie just by listening to them. Alright, i dont get irritated. At least it saves me time listening to them than reading the book itself.

Interrupting that long introduction and back to our regular programming, ill be talking about the Dementors now. You know, those scary creatures in hooded cloaks? Those creatures who suck one's soul and not only that, their mere presence make the environment cold and dark and almost lifeles? Keeping their company makes one depress to the point of insanity so they say. They feed on the positive emotions, happiness and good memories of people for its their life. Hmmmm, will these descriptions be enough in order for me to prove that these Dementors do not just exist in JKR's HP book? These Dementors exist in real life! Actually, in this crap hospital where i work, Dementors hover everywhere. Im working with them, walking with them, eating with them, talking to them. They are in my midst. They assume whatever form though - a colleague, a nurse, an intern, a friend or what have you. Hello?!? They dont wear those hooded cloaks and be mistaken as the "Kamatayan". They're more intelligent now for they could wear scrubs with a stethoscope around their neck and act as a doctor.

I have imposed on my self to be optimistic at all times. Have experienced how it is to be in the dark and i really couldnt help but regret on those times ive wasted living in that cold, empty, lifeless pit. In short, im a good prey for those Dementors around me. The rule that opposite poles attract applies in my case for negative people have an affinity to me. It's not that i dont want to help. It may be my role in this life to give comfort to others but to be a victim of those Dementors? This i wouldnt allow to happen.

You know, Dementors in real life are that intelligent and greedy. They could act as if they'll be needing your help but fact is, they're sucking all the positive energy there is in you. I could feel how tiring it is to deal with them. Some could even manipulate you by acting needy but refuses to accept help when you give it. Their sole purpose is to have someone with them to share with the black, cold and empty life that they're living. No thank you, but i already had a share of the experience. If you want to live a miserable life, go live it alone.

How do i deal with them? I know that i couldnt apply the Patronus charm on them. I just have to simply walk away and avoid them as a prophylaxis. If avoidance would be quite obvious and rude, i just shift gears into my autistic mode. With this, i may be physically present but ive shut all my positive emotions safe and away from them. However, this autistic mode must be coupled with the Oscar's Award Winning Act. What i mean is that you must be in your best actress mode too. You act unaffected and happier while generating more positive energies from your inner store. Since they're selfish beings, they arent sensitive enough to other people's emotions. They dont care if they're sucking all the life out of you. In short, they dont know if you're just faking your happiness or your happy disposition. So long as you appear unaffected in their presence, they will eventually tire out, leaving you eventually in peace. How's that for my treatment and management for Dementor's exposure?

I hate Dementors and i have no plans to be like them. If im given this life to live, i wanted to make use of this rafting positive energy to others. I could be like that chocolate bar with almonds that helped make me feel better the other day. Oh, i failed to mention that chocolates are used as a first aid treatment to mild cases of contact with those Dementors. As a physician, i could be a chocolate to others too but i have yet to perfect being a chocolate to myself first. Blogging is one way of perfecting it.=P


snglguy said...

Ay nako! Dementors lurk in every work places. I've probably met a hundred of these in my almost twenty years in the corporate world...

Oh and I prefer non-fictions as well. My bookcase doesn't even have a single novel in it...

AngelMD-No-More said...

haha because of this post, ive realized that it's not just i who's not influenced by the hp hype. marami pala tayo yung iba kasi sa multiply account k nagcomment...hehe

nways, tama ka nga...dementors are everywhere and that's the reason they're worth blogging...hehe