Saturday, July 14, 2007

Blog Cleaning

I didnt realize that i have been out of the blogosphere for quite a long time. If not for the message from one of my frequent visitors (thanks for reminding me sngl) that i havent updated yet, i may not even perform this blog clean up. Been way too busy with work these past few days. Though i have been wanting to rant and to destress in this blog, i would be more stressed out should i go online and get pissed off by my internet connection that's been constantly disconnecting and reconneting and disconnecting and reconnecting...leaving me with no other option but to click on "TURN OFF COMPUTER."

The troubleshooter in me looked for the root of the matter. Im blogging in the privacy of my own room and im connected to the internet to the main router downstairs through a 12-meter cable. Im thinking that it must be that cable that's defective for the internet connection of the main computer downstairs is very ok. In short, so as i could perform a blog clean up and to relieve myself from the stress that those prompts of disconnection has been giving me, today, i bought this...tadaaaan!
Yep! A wireless router that let's me blog anywhere at home...even in my own bed! Now, im stress-free! Im blogging without interruption. Im finally cleaning up this blog from cobwebs and dusts. I didnt realize that blog cleaning though would leave me a little less than 3,000 bucks poorer...tsk tsk

Post script:
Just in time that i have created our home into a wifi hotspot, my bro brought his groupmates along to finish their thesis. Now, there are three computers that are currently running right now with just one router. Bro, you owe me bigtime!


snglguy said...

At 3,000 bucks that is cheap. Now that you 3 computers hooked up to a single connection, better make sure you have enough bandwidth to share, otherwise,away yan! LOL :-D

Nice to see you back, Angel.

AngelMD-No-More said...

haha i thought that was even quite expensive? well, the connection's pretty fast still...really dont have a problem with bandwidth sharing ryt now.