Monday, June 12, 2006

Never Ever to Pink

I swear! Never in my whole life will i ever wear pink on duties again! I have actually even have a post on how toxic i was in pink. Most people have observed that i really am toxic when i am in pink. Oh well, not to mention the fact that i really am naturally toxic...fact is, i already learned to accept this. But being toxic when i'm in pink? Nah! I still was in my denial stage not until my 24-hour duty yesterday was over.

There were two of us on duty last night. I was with my junior who's barely 2 months in the department. She was supposed to man the emergency room and i, the icu and the wards. Morning shift was a bit benign. We never had an admission actually until 2 pm. The rest was meant to be a part of history.

My job last night was a feat worth posting. From assisting my junior at the emergency room admitting patients, i was off in the wards to answer ward calls and referrals. When an icu patient got toxic, i stayed there for some time and calls would come in requiring me to answer an intraoperative monitoring. What to do? Divide myself and do things at the same time? Of course i have to prioritize my own patients first. Have to ask the anesthesia resident on duty to text me should any problem arise for i really couldnt make it to the induction. Nevertheless, i was able to see the patient at the operating room. Thank God, no untoward incident happened.

Just when i was resuscitating a patient at the emergency room and the flux of patient was at its maximum, ward referrals kept on coming too. Some even sounded so toxic that needed my immediate attention. I was about to loose my tolerance and patience. I was too toxic however to get irritated. I managed everything with a humor.

We had 22 admissions and i had 9 interdepartmental referrals! Take note...N-I-N-E. Seldom does this happen in a whole 24-hour duty. Even the space for our interdepartmental calls in our census only allotted 5!

I realized how toxic the pink blouse i was wearing at 2 am. Have to freshen up and change into my fresh, blue scrubs. After this, things have slowed down, the emergency room became quiet. I rested at the icu yet i could never get a single nap. The phone kept on ringing and the referrals kept on coming. It was until 4am when i finally decided that i needed a bed to lie upon. Whew! if i could only imagine the comfort of our conference room sofa. After a whole day to and fro, my legs finally found a time to rest.

If only one of our attendants at the ER have known. That morning of my duty, he kept on teasing me how attractive i was in pink. I was a bit pissed off when reminded me how toxic my duties were when i was in pink. I was planning to prove him wrong but he was right all along! Being in pink is really a jinx for me. Not only does it attract the wrong men...i was also pulling along patients. So, if discovery channel tells us that the color blue attracts mosquitoes...i could prove that the color pink attracts "bees" and patients too! Aargh!

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