Thursday, June 08, 2006

A Storm Within

My PMS was over as so was my period. I am just wondering however why i still feel this heavy within...heavy, stormy, in turmoil. Is it my toxicity? Is it the load that my work gives me? Is it the responsibility that i have to carry everyday?

As i sit in the mass this afternoon, i wanted to calm the storm within. Everything's unruly, everything's so chaotic. I look good outside as most people claim but i am a walking disaster area. I could never single out a thing that caused all of these aside from my current profession. Hell, I'm burning out again. I am not on the verge of breaking down though. My sanity is still intact. It's just that work's been too much these days. What to do?

In the mass, i closed my eyes. Nope, not my usual start for sleeping during homilies. I kept quiet and allowed the Big Guy upstairs to examine me. I came out light and renewed thereafter.

The solution? When in chaos...keep quiet. When in turmoil...stand still. When faced with a storm silent. I allowed Him to do the clearing up of the mess i've created. I accepted His calamity aid and welcomed Him back to my life. Yep! Work gave me no time for Him too. Now i realized why i was burning out so fast.


Tina Elaine said...

you need a breather! *winkz you know what i mean! hahaha say yes to PL hahaha joke

AngelMD said...

hahaha junior?!? i thot we were allies? i dont want to create a tsunami...hihi