Friday, June 16, 2006

Consuelo de Bobo

I am from duty! Yep! I love the feeling of being from duty. You know, the relief that your 24-hour duty was over, the comfort that you're going to hit bed like a comatosed patient after office hours and the assurance that the next day will be an on-call day. In short, you're only required an 8-5 shift at the hospital.

What i love best however from being from duty is that i am receiving something from the crap hospital that i am currently working. What i mean is that the giving of salaries or bonuses usually happen when i'm tired and battered, almost giving up to my toxicity, and from duty! Even my colleagues already use my from duty status as an indicator in estimating when the next pay or bonus day will be. I think this must be noted in our monthly duty schedule.hehe

I call this as the "Consuelo de bobo phenomenon." Just when i am about to give up on my toxicity. Just when i feel like quitting. Just when i am too tired after a very toxic duty...i am given my salary. Nah! I worked here for learning and not for monetary gain. It just feels good however to receive a "reward" from an almost inhuman work. I may be not compensated well but it somehow alleviates my tiredness and neutralizes my toxicity. It makes me feel blessed that despite being toxic, at least, i am being paid. Well even if my salary is not that much, at least it's good enough to raise a giant like me. You know, paying my telephone bills, dues and thingies and gadgets i would wish to buy.

When i feel like complaining and unappreciative of my "Consuelo de bobo" salary, i must always try to remember this event. I was with some nurses at the cashier this morning waiting in line for our salaries. As i sign on the payroll, i saw some amount that the other employees are going to receive. I realized that for some, i am receiving 10x their share! What's worst? They have a family to raise and i have none. Now, need i complain further?

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