Friday, February 02, 2007

The Fellowship of the Phonies

Call me a rebel, but a renegade would sound better. Maybe i also have a problem with authority figures. When someone older than i am acts in a way that he doesnt deserve my respect, then he definitely will not gain it. I may be submissive but i would be expressing my "rebellion" in a different way.

Today, i attended a meeting of the phonies. People who sound like they are thinking of the majority's greater good. People who acted optimistic but with questionable ulterior motives. Now that's from where this title of this post came from. For you see, i work in an institution that's full of phony people and this morning, they were all crowded in one place. If not for my two bosses, i could have contacted terrorist bombers to drop a bomb in the area. If these people were eliminated, then our place would be a very peaceful place to work in.

Why the hell must we plan for another building when in fact there are still a lot of unfinished projects that are now museums of mosses and weeds. Why the heck must we plan for a bigger building when what we need are work force? Who the hell shall make rounds in this 5-storey building when there are not a lot of plantilla items for residents? Or shall we say even items for new nurses? Hello there phony people...noone can live on volunteerism alone. People now work for bread for the spirit of volunteerism definitely will not sustain them...unless they would like to end up as spirits.

A bomb exploding in the meeting area was the best thing that i could think of. I was thinking that this would also wake, those dreaming creatures who are having a meeting, up. The explosion might bring them back to reality. The renegade in me wanted to really speak out this morning. I still remember my parents' reminder though. Respect your elders. Yep! Even if you feel that they are wrong. Alright, alright, i am an obedient daughter and my parents deserve my respect. I left the meeting place, excusing myself that i still have to make rounds. Leaving the area was my way of withdrawing myself from the stimulus that inflicted me pain and that was a wise idea. Not being able to speak out by the way didnt mean that those phony people gained my respect. I am just an obedient daughter.

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