Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I'm just sooooo damn tired. That was one hell of a duty we had last night. Twenty six admissions? Hah! I'm used to having not less than 25 admissions but to admit 26 patients with more than half of them being soooo toxic, what can i say? Added to this would be the interdepartmental referrals i have to answer, helping my junior at the ER, and the ward referrals that never ceased...i definitely didnt forget to congratulate myself today.

Where in the world can you find a hospital that's good for only 82 patients now carrying more than a hundred? We actually had a new ward, the alley ward. I couldnt imagine how people sought admission in our hospital no matter how congested it may be. Yep! Even if they sleep on cardboard boxes. Ironic it may seem but the same hospital that most people scrutinize and feast upon with criticisms, would be the same hospital that would cater the majority of this province.

I survived that duty! I survived performing intubation and cpr on the floor. I literally sat on the floor just so i could intubate the patient. Goodness, i really couldnt help but be sorry for our current situation. We are like soldiers who went to war unarmed. The only thing that we have are our brains on top of our shoulders. I'm afraid that when these brains though would tire out, what will be left then with the crap hospital that we have?

Hail to the resident doctors and consultants of our crap hospital! Hail to the interns and nurses and workers who managed to survive here. Working in this institution is really unphysiologic. It's just that, there really are masochistic people who couldnt live outside of this hospital we are in. No matter how difficult life seems to be here, we still could manage to laugh things out. No matter how inhuman the conditions in the wards are, we all could survive a duty.

Heroes have monuments i believe. So long as this infrastructure still stands, this will represent the unsung heroes and survivors who are always criticized and discriminated. The heroes who never cease to serve. Working here is really damn tiring. The fulfillment that comes with it however - PRICELESS.


opao said...

hahaha toxic! gina-anu mo na ang ward man? haha anu hampang mo doc? Poker? pirme ka lang FULL HOUSE!!! haha pati a..

bear with it na lang, i mean, bear with being so toxic! hahaha joking aside, i think it's God's way of making u a great and good doctor.. He's not only testing your skills, but also your patience..

lu-oy man kay bam-bam sa pic.. kg daw gatulo gd ang laway, este, ang balhas ni papang herbert hu! hahahaha

God bless dr.. be back in CL soon...

nalipat ko na na-link ta ka gle sa blog ko.. stupid. hehe

AngelMD said...

haha...im not bearing it ta, im used to it. toxicity's my life. the interns or nurses that go on duty with me are the ones who must bear with me...hehe i guess u were one of them...haha

gud thing i didnt ask herbert to take a pic of me while im intubating the patient...kawat lng na nga kuha...i was inside the reverse isol when i took the pic..pretending as if im jaz texting...hehe and btw, twas already bam's 4th cpr for the night.=( maximum learning wen going on duty with me, eh! =P

yep! c u soon! hopefully d ka na batok...this crap hospital that is home to us misses u...hehe keep that spirit of service aflamed.

i dont know how to play poker but im familiar with a "fullhouse"...hehe