Sunday, May 17, 2009


No matter how toxic I may be in my current state, I always see to it that I never miss my date with my first love. Morphine knows that he’s my first “official” bf. I however emphasized that he’s not my first “love” and that I’m still not over with my first. He was just understanding enough to let me go out on a date with my first love. Let me call him JC.

When I came to this jungle, I’m just lucky enough to have found an apartment near our meeting place. Every Sunday, first Fridays of the month, whenever my schedule would allow, I meet up with JC. We would then have lunch or dinner together. It’s different to be alone with him that everytime I’m back to my place, I have this feeling of happiness and contentment. Yep! Despite of all the pressures and toxicities that I have with work.

One thing that I have observed and that I have once again proven today is that JC’s never late in our dates. There’s this spot in our meeting place that remains unoccupied no matter how filled it was. He reserves a seat for me. By the way, we hear mass together and that spot I’m referring to is a seat in the church. The spot is just so comfortable for it’s right beside the wall fan, away from noisy kids and bf-gf’s who don’t spare the church for their pda’s. I knew that it’s reserved for me for no matter how crowded the church is, and even if that 6th seat from the door at the left of the altar is almost full, the “spot” reserved for me remains unoccupied.

JC reserves not just a seat for me in the church. For everything that’s happening to me in this jungle where I am in, I know that he too has reserved a space for me in His heart. It’s just proper for me not to forget my first love for he too never forgets me. Every time I'm in need of something or someone, JC's always there to the rescue. Every time I miss my family or Morphine, JC's there for me to talk with. Nothing beats your first love should I say.

By the way, I just would like to make things clear. I’m not in any way violating the rules of being in a committed relationship. JC and Morphine are friends. It was even JC who endorsed my heart to Morphine. I’m just too lucky to have both guys at the same time.hehehe


MM M said...

LOL at Morphine. New term of endearment? Hihi. Damo ta ga-share kay JC ba. :)

sheng said...

JC? hmmmm, naintriga ako sa kanya, pakilala mo naman ako! hehehe

Garando said...

Congrats! I'm glad that Morphine is very understanding. I am also still in touch with women who I had previously dated, we are still very good friends. And I'm lucky that my wife understands this. :)

AngelMD-No-More said...

MM M:haha he doesnt know im hiding him in such pseudonym, meyms.hehe tsk tsk damo man gid ta karibal kay jc..hehe

Sheng: mama sheng...naku mas nauna pa nga cguro na naging kayo ni jc bago naging kami.hahaha

garando: haha he must be very understanding manong, or else.hehe grabe garandee must have had a hard time with all those "women"...hehe

jj said...

awww... mush mush mush...heeeheeehheee... you know me angelnomore!

vernaloo said...

sin o si JC? hahaha sorry, si Allah ang ari di ya eh, medyo nalimtan ko si JC hehe joke lang bosing :)

myorthodoc said...

you actually set dates with jc, huh? post his contact here please..I'll reserve..