Saturday, July 25, 2009


I'm finally cleaning up this blog. I realized that my last entry was way back in may and I haven't posted anything after it. Blame my internet connection. I just don't have the patience and the luxury of time to wait for my pages to load. Smart bro is just so crappy here in my area. Now done with my rationalization, wondering why I'm posting something now?

1. My apartment-mate lent me her sun broadband. She's on unlimited access and I'm currently enjoying it now. Might be slower than pldt dsl, but boy is it faster than smart bro!

2. I have a number of tasks to fulfill for this weekend. I have a reporting due next week, another presentation for our lupus patients, clinical abstracts of patients to type, souvenir program for the section's upcoming activity to edit, clothes to iron, comfort and bedroom to clean. The list goes on and yet, I don't have the drive doing them.

3. We have a fellows' quarterly exam the week after next and it will cover almost everything about our subspecialty. Yep! It feels like going back to medical school again. I still haven't read on a certain topic yet actually. Just like medical school too, I fall asleep everytime I start reading on something. Tsk tsk poor little ol' me.

You see, once I'm toxic with work, there's nowhere in the world where I will run to but this blog! After months of being idle, my toxicity once again pushed me to hit on the keyboards. I need to clean up this blog after it accumulated dusts and cobwebs. So long as my internet connection is as slow as a snail however, I can never tell when I'll do my housekeeping again.


By the way, I'm a mom now. I just can't help but post the pics of my baby. Isn't she pretty?=)

She's born out of my terminal pay from my previous hospital. I didn't realize that all those sick leaves and privileges that I wasn't able to enjoy during residency will bear fruit.=)

In addition, just when all fellows are not considered as hospital employees here, I was just "lucky" enough to be chosen as one of the 6 fellows who will be provided with a stipend by the hospital, instead of the usual drug company sponsorship. In exchange, I'll be returning my service to the government once I'm back in Bacolod, which for me is no big deal. Service was the main reason why I pursued this profession in the first place. Anyway, what I have just realized for now is that, I think I'm bound with the government for life!hehe


sheng said...

here's one overdue post! i am so waiting for the next doc! see you around! I missed you!

Meymi said...

Cel! Hehe. Love your lappie :) hope everything's well. Halong miga.